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  • As far as future "regular" Warstories go, I'm sorry to say but I'll have to disappoint you there. The way I see it, Warstories aren't just for good battles—they should be the most entertaining battle you've ever had, the best of the best. Sure, I could Warstory a standard "good" battle, but it wouldn't be a fun for me to write or for you to read (at least for most people). It's just a shame that this community immediately shoots down the Warstories that the majority of the people in the same community find most appealing. But do not fret; I'm sure Smogon will pour forth multitudes upon multitudes of well written and entertaining Warstories in the near future. In all seriousness, though, no, so enjoy mine while you can!
    Thanks for the support, man. As for the haters, you know what they say: "If you ain't got haters, you're doing something wrong." They validate me and legitimize my Warstory, so I really don't mind at all. It also makes the praise that much better and I always get a kick of out of people still thinking that Pokemon is 100% SRS BIZNS. If they just got off their high horse and enjoyed the battle, we'd all be a bit happier, but people have different tastes in Warstories and I respect that.
    Well, I did probably go a little bit too ballistic on jrrrr, but at the time I thought it was warranted. We've had bad blood for a while and my patience just flat ran out in that thread. Cong was an exhausting experience and I was hoping it might be a little bit better if everyone tried to go forward and were a little more casual and friendly, but I got lured in and overshot a bit.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums. I'm trying to think of a way to balance out a forum to be a little more welcome to serious discussion, but my first attempt was an obvious disaster.
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