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  • never seen such immature kid.

    you were dead if I can get an unburned avalanche. Anyways, you lost
    Abomasnow STAB blizzard would have dented dusknoir a lot if walrein dies from a low hp pain split, which didn't happen.

    Denying will not make you a better player, the match was not a tournament it was for fun, just chill man
    So you are my opponent for The Close Combat Tournament. When would be a good time for you to battle?
    Yea, HP Electric has been coming to my mind a lot now, with Latias now in Ubers and Mence is [in my opinion] sure to lead her way, judging by the statement's everyone's making in the Smogon Counsel thread, -.-

    I was also thinking of HP Electric Sceptile o.o

    Or, just ditch all these new ideas and get a good dual screener with levitate on my old team in replacement of Latias. I'm thinking Azelf... but it needs to be able to recover, sigh.
    Hey good game :)
    I'm hopelessly at a loss with my OU team. Ever since Latias got banned, my team's not been the same... -___-
    Well, I am rethinking Groudon.

    If you didn't notice, Palkia was Scarfed, so yeah, it won't kill it completely.
    That Shadow Sneak went really badly on my end, how much defense did your guy have?
    You know,
    The only reason why Mewtwo blow up is because half the Psychic in the uber don't carry Psychic.

    Oh well, at least this reminded me I lack a Steel type.
    Yup...Scarfed and Jolly with Guts.

    Also, since Lati isn't a factor in OU anymore, I've actually been wanting to change my Boah's moveset. I just keep forgetting.
    You too. Your ghost was murdering me. I had nothing for it after the screens were up. GG.
    yeah but i still had metagross left with bullet punch ^^
    nice team btw. i hate dusknoir :DD
    gg! Sorry about the crit on Starmie, though I could've flinched xD; if I didn't crit or flinch, it was game though. Thanks for playing! I'll let you know if I put the recording up on the GTS ^_^
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