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  • Do you have any Riolu left from pokefreak's giveaway? I never received one. :(
    Just vm me if you are able to trade, thank you! :)
    Hello, can you give me pokefreak17's Riolu and Roselia? Thanks! PM/VM when you're available to trade!
    Hey are you still distributing for Kaylx and pokeFreak's giveaway? If so, please PM/VM me!
    hey if u are giving away kalyx mydkip and pokefreaks beldum and ralts when can we trade?
    hmm... you can give free items, you say? i would be glad to take you up on your offer ^.^ please VM/PM me if you're available to trade... but you're probably distributing right now.
    ok go to
    click launch
    and then where it says channel type in #smogonwifi
    and where it says IRC scroll down to the one that says SynIRC
    And then where it says Nick type in your name (heatwaveBAZ)
    alos this must be done on firefox not IE
    Ok well for some reason my shoddy isnt working.... wont show all the different servers... Do you have AIM or can you get on irc?
    Hi Heatwave im up for a bit wanna talk about the time finder's shiny egg PID finder?
    Do you have shoddy? can you get on irc? (for easier talking)
    Oh my god, a shiny Riolu, you are more awesome than anyone, and thats saying something since a lot of people here are awesome!
    Hi, I finnaly caught up with you!
    Can I meet you on for the TM Thundebolt
    My FC is in my sig on my profile, thanks again!
    Another re-distributor would be awesome! ^_^ When would you like get a copy?
    You're welcome =)

    I don't ask for anything aside from just not redistributing her =)

    I looove Umbreon too!
    Hehe! I went out to get Subway...

    I am here for another 45 minutes though, I'll be in the WiFi room while I'm here =)
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