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  • It was honstly one of the funnest battles I've had in ages. Mind if i share the battle vid number with people? I don't doYouTube videos, so it won't be completely public.
    Just seen you comments.

    My Zong is Bold w/ 252 HP/220 Def/36 SpDef for EVs. It's last move you never seen was HP Fire.

    And yeah, I was amazed it survived CC, and utterly astounded it survived the Surf. Before Surf hit, it was at only 40 HP. Surf took it to 12 HP.
    Sorry for the delayed responce. Really good game. You had me worried in the begining. I don't think the hit on your Cune near the end mattered all that much since my Zong was at +6 CM at the time.

    It was fun. Whenever the other forum decides to not lag as bad as it usually does, I'll post on the tourney thread.
    Cool. I'll wait for you on WiFi whenever I get this trade completed, but I'm about to give up on the person.

    GL and HF when the battle starts.
    Give me about five minutes to complete a trade I'm doing. Add my Soul Silver and wait on WiFi for me. I'll be there soon.
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