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  • Yeah that would be great if you had a Jolly one.
    Can you trade now?
    white FC: 4040 5657 8192
    Yeh, when you're next on, PM me (So I get an email), and I'll be able most of today. Thanks! :)
    If you want to hop on real quick I can give you the charmander :)

    My FC is 3267 5182 5390
    Hey I see your on would you like to receive your charmander b4 I head off to work?
    All right Charmander Shiny Male w/Belly Drum NN:Manhattan, I'm laying down for a nap, and then I have bowling. So I'll check before I leave for that at about 2:45-3:00(5:45-6:00 your time).
    alrighty sounds good too me. Ill have it ready by 9:30 EST for you.

    O and besides Belly Drum do you want any of these egg moves on it:

    ancient power
    rock slide
    beat up
    swords dance
    dragon dance
    dragon rush
    metal claw
    flare blitz
    ah alright that gives me hella time, is there anything you want special about it(I can breed perfect IV's, Shinyness, nature, gender, egg moves).
    yea its 4th gen, do you mean 9:30pm or are you in hawaii or something as its 11:50 PST.
    I have a charizard, if you don't mind me breeding it real quick to give you an offspring charmander to keep then I'm willing to trade it to u.
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