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  • im not on much at the moment so i cant really help you. Im here in Britain spending time with my cousin and I want to spend most of my time with him, he's the closest thing I have to a friend, but when me and my family are back in Ireland, I will help you out.
    If you there message back please, and can you tell me if my team is good or not, be honest and whats an ev
    Hi, I'm new to the whole competative battloing things, i don't know many rules, or how to make a good team,
    My current team is
    Dusknoir lv73 Brave
    Shadow Sneak, Payback, Pain Split, Will o Wisp

    Salamence 73 adament
    Dragon Claw Dragon Dance Stone edge Earthquake

    Tyranitar 73 adament
    dragon Dance Taunt Stone Edge Earquake

    Kingdra 73 Lonely
    Dragon Dance waterfall hydro pump Twister, (twister will be replaced for outrage :D)

    Venasaur 73 Careful
    Leech Seed Energy Ball Sludge bomb Sleep Powder

    Can you please help me improve my team, places to train what an EV is places to EV train?
    thanks for reading
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