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  • yo guys ill add you will be online every day at 11:30 pm german time my fc is 1332-7977-9963
    Hi, can you help me hatch a shiny? I will give you one of the following 5 perfect iv pokemons:

    -growlithe w/ close combat and intimidate/flash fire

    -scyther w/ technician

    -larvesta w/ flame body

    -mawile w/ intimidate/hyper cutter

    -marill w/ huge power

    -abra w/ synchronize

    -joltik w/ compound eyes

    Let me know when you’re available and which pokemon you want! Thanks! Bobby 4957-2145-1656
    Sure dude would like the abra pm me when you have time
    ah I don't need the hatch anymore for your sv. Thank you though! =]
    You have my eggs SV 637 can you hatch it for me and name it sasuke my FC is 0259-0838-7832 and my ign for pokemon y is nasane
    Can I get you to hatch an egg for me?

    Deino (F) - Modest, Hustle, 31\6\31\31\31\31 [637]

    My info IGN: Michael FC: 3282-3215-9706
    Hi, I got an egg with a SV of 637, I am wondering if you can help me hatch it. :)

    FC: 1349-5860-1446 Ign: Shiro
    Hello.Could you please hatch a shiny egg for me ? Thank you very much!
    My FC is 5429 7370 2577 and IGN is Lin.Thanks.
    Sure just come online 11:30 ill help as much people as i can
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