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  • I usually have a few plans / team ideas thought up of already even before I start a streak. So when I lose, it's just a matter of trying what I've already tried (and play differently to get a higher streak) or try something else, or take a break.
    At the end, it's still just a game. Not point to be depressed about it. Sure, a bit frustrating to lose from a misclick or misplay, but dwell in the present and hope for the future and don't dwell in the past lol. This goes for life as well as pokemon I guess. lol
    Oh hey, thanks for noticing. It's actually more out of boredom (from regular work) when I post stuff, and I guess lately that has been happening more often than not (and also, other people aren't posting much).

    Anyway, to answer your question, it's a matter of acknowledging your team and your strategy I think. Sure I might have lost because of misplay or maybe hax, but whatever it was that ended my streak, it's always something that I anticipate would happen sooner or later. There hasn't been a team I created where I'd go "Oh, this team is flawless. Nothing can ever beat this", because that idealistic team might not even exist in reality. I.e. you create teams with the assumption that it will fail at some finite point. After you create and test out more teams, you gain experience and learn what works and doesn't work and make better teams, and you can "expect" a team to perform to a certain level of success, but at the end, you still know that it will fail at some point.
    Um, thanks for the complement. But the way, the "Xion" in that name is a mascot character of mine that has nothing to do with any other video game series, except WoW, and even that's pretty tenuous. It is pronounced "Kuh-Zion". He was around for ~2 years before 358+1/2 Days was known about by anybody.

    Sorry if I seem to be nagging, I just don't want any misunderstandings.
    hey u up for a battle? im really bored, ive played in a lot of different forums, and im a youtube player. i am an experienced competitive battler, im jst new to smogon forums
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