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  • what server are you on PO? if you're in the PO server, you should be able to see me. AND FOR GOD SAKE STOP POSTING ON YOUR OWN WALL
    so when can you play? give me a time and a day, and stop posting vms on your wall lol
    ahh what? you know we're supposed to play on pokemon showdown, right? plus 8am...are you fucking nuts? you said you're free in evenings/afternoons lol
    by 'fc' you mean...? well I can play basically w/e you tell me you can, I'm pretty free except for mornings
    hey we have to play for st9. lemme know when you can and such. we're not supposed to play before some things happens(see OP), but would be nice to know if you're active and such. lemme know! I'm gmt -2 btw
    I'd definitely be up for that.
    Although I don't care personally if you sign up in the Battling 202 thread, some other people probably do. If you want to sign up there to make it "official" just go with this link here.

    I don't care about the two week sessions it is supposed to have, if you go on Skarmbliss VGC PO or IRC you'll see me on as Human. You can talk to me easily on there or on here if you want.

    EDIT: You didn't sign up but I talked to Solace, and I'm going to end up tutoring you anyways. Don't worry.
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