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  • That is the only way I can play. I do not have a good access point for my DS to work
    Oh nos!!! But Galactic, we are so AWESOME! its a fun group. Glad your enjoying shoddy! its a heck of a ride but darn its fun ;)
    Hey man, I'd be happy to battle. I've been MIA cause of studying. If you're still up to it, You'll have to wait until my laptop is fixed
    cool, in particular SD scizor hurts my team fyi but theres more minor threats too i guess
    i think porygon z is a little underrated.
    but okay. we can do a uu battle though. my friend code is 1419 9391 2007
    i'm sure we can still set something up.
    Eh, sorry dude, I evolved it into Porygon-Z and I don't have a full OU team...I'll UU battle you if you want but that Porygon-Z isn't gonna be able to get any action;..
    the worst part is after all that i settled on a neutral nature, untill i accidently bred a modest who has been rockin it since XD
    whats uuup.
    nick gregg. i love pokemon. im competing in the national championship this year and i need to test my team. meet me, and battle me. :D
    email is
    IM my phone. its 1-937-760-1342
    AIM: nikqogregg
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