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  • Hey man, it's completely cool we didn't get to trade the other night. I did perfectly fine without it. Thanks for have such a great service, though!
    Can you tell me how did you write the template code?
    Your thread is awesome.
    Game is still perfect though. The only problem is, normally there would be some kind of event there, first those 3 NPC's, and when they're gone, Landorus comes out of that box. But now he's out already xD Thanks anyway, I'll keep trying, and I'll check the code again.
    Hm, this is weird.. I just can't talk to those NPC's or Landorus >_> Tried it with only the rebattle code, and tried saving in front of it, then turned it off and back on again, but those NPC's are still there.. :(
    Is it normal that there are standing 3 NPC's around Landorus? And one of them is on top of it :')
    You're welcome mate ^^ Enjoy it. :) Just like my other one, it's nft. ^^ And sure, take your time
    baney you rock and ill be reppin your pokes at vgc. thanks so much.

    thanks so much baney. I'm getting online now and my friend code is 4255 2902 3794 and my name is Derrick lol cya in a sec!!
    Yo dude, what's up? Did you use a rebattle code to capture 3 Landorus' with the same ID?
    hey baney. Im sorry I never got back to you. Yeah, I would still like your yamask. I'd also like to get one of your mienfoos so that I can do some breeding with it. It looks like Ill be able to catch you today at 4pm my time and 1pm your time. I'll check my messages like every ten minutes or so so that I can catch you.

    Alright before you go, could you please drop the scrafty and landorous, and instead bring a volcarona? I made some last minute modifications, really sorry for inconveniences!
    Thanks. I'll be sure to give credit to all those who helped regardless of how I do!
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