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  • hello. Is this your Pokemon, and is it fully redis?

    35.9 lbs (as Lilligant) (★)
    OT: Joe | ID No.: 52957
    Nature: Timid | Ability: Chlorophyll | Type: Bug
    Location: Lostlorn Forest
    Hidden Power: Rock 70
    IV: 31/19/30/31/30/30
    EV: UT | Level: 19
    Moves: Sleep Powder | Mega Drain | Synthesis | Magical Leaf
    Notes: Fully Redis caught Petilil from is it this guy?[/center]
    ifly, id like to request for another tutor on id/sid abuse if you will, ever since mackenzie used amnesia D:. I'd accept it if you think ive been forgetting. :p but thanks for all your help.
    Hi,i've been searching in my vms and i found one vm which you wrote.It's in page 22 of my vms atm xD You've been asking to do some breeding projects for me in exchange to 5 pokemon from my thread.Look at my thread again and if you're still interested vm me back.
    hai :D i was wondering if you could nickname one of your pokes for my tourney? it would be realy awesome if you could doing a theme team. I got the poke from labrinth its evd now if you feel like keeping a copy you can clearly, pretty standard set though
    I like iFly. We ahould be friends just becauseC and I like to lurk, so...
    You need more friends. You only have 10. :[

    And you need more posts. 80 is pathetic.
    I know you're sad that I finally got my Bronzor (as made evident by you admitting you tried to mess me up, proof: 16:57 iFly I tried to mess you up), but I got it! 21 Chatot calls. Right IVs.

    Thanks for your help, even though it really didn't matter in the end lol.

    Oh and I got another usable nature with the right IVs and ability that I planned on breeding later.
    1. Thanks again!
    2. I've got a flawless baton pass/agility/nightslash/4th gligar egg move that slips my mind Scizor that I trained (and EVed for some reason) to breed w/ DW Gligar....

    If you'd like, I can clone that for you and donate it to serve as a father to your next DW Gligar...
    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I can't transfer the gible, sorry. :S But can we do the other 3 instead? I'll take Pawniard, Cottonee, and Venipede. :P
    In response to your CMT for my Shiny Duosion, I'd like:

    (ID - Alex - 61657) (Male)(OT)
    (Pidove - Tranquill - Unfezant)
    Nature: Jolly Ability: Super Luck
    Hidden Power: Dark 70 Location: Route 3 Daote : November, 26. 2010
    IVs: 31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def |31 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
    UT Version [Level 1]: Gust|Wish|SteelWing|///

    when you want to swap?
    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

    Oh, and great stuff (yeah, yeah, I already posted a CMT in your thread for them ... :P)
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