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  • Hi :)
    I see you dont like RNG.
    I have a trade thread full of non-RNG Pokemon...
    Do you have good non-RNG Pokemon?
    Id like to trade some stuff then :)
    Oh Iggy, you have no idea how sorry I am for not talking to you. I just don't get on much anymore. Please forgive. Please. :(

    <3 You're the bestest.

    ohmygod that's adorable :) Merry Christmas to you to!
    Just about to go see relations in the country for a day, so I hope you have a lovely day and see you when I get back!
    (also I got skyward sword for Christmas so happy:D)
    Tomorrow we shall meet and spar verbally. 7-ish in the evening. It is done
    I should be available for the rest of today; also I'm usually on a lot on IRC as either Andrew or StevenSnype.
    I'm EDT (GMT -5:00/-4:00 depending on DST). I can't do Fridays my time. I've got school most of the day, so that leaves me with weeknights and weekends available to play.
    minecraft, pokemon, "homework" ... ahem
    So yeah, the usual. You?
    (please be back forever stop leaving)
    I tried to do this in my last message, but there's that darn 1000 character limit. >_<

    obligatory random images:
    You... You... YOU'RE ALIVE!!! :DDDDDDDD

    Oh, I am SO happy to talk to again, I could just die!

    I've been fine, ya know, seein movies, goin to dances, playin games.
    O wait, do you want in-depth of how it's been going? Cuz that should prolly be via pm...

    And thanks about the avy. I've done a different totodile gif every week for like 2 months now and I'm not running out yet. ;D
    Is yours like 5th Gen or something?

    How are you, Iggy?
    Hey! You're still my opponent! I'll be away tomorrow but I can battle on Sunday. or most days this week except maybe Monday as I'm moving after work.
    Hey, I'm your VGC Tournament opponent. I'm in Eastern Time (GMT-4 currently). I work full-time so I'm unavailable until about 6PM ET on weekdays. I'm also going to be out of town both this weekend and the next (including Good Friday) so the evenings of weekdays works best for me.

    Preferrably weeknights the Canucks are not playing in the NHL playoffs >.> But let me know your times and we'll work something out.
    Hey man! :) longtime no see. I'm in GMT-8, which is west coast time. We should probably battle on the Frenchtime server since that's the onlly server that doesn't consistently timeout or D/c on me. occasionally there's a bit of lag at times but, its way better than the other servers. I can battle pretty much any time in the next few days. Good luck!
    When you say chocolate, this is all that I can think of.

    Anyway, we still gotta battle so I can prove myself the surperior user. ye
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