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  • generalization much? Why would you compare that to a situation like this, racist bastard. Grow up kid.
    you dont even know what you are saying why do you stay alive if you suck at life? no one wants you here
    wow 12 year old, you dont know how to talk to people at all, and you suck even other people agree so how about you just cry yourself asleep
    wow... you are a rager. chill that prepubescent boner kid, and learn how to play politics
    Hey kid, just an FYI, you're probably going up on the ban list. I see i'm not the only one you d/c'ed on. You use a stoutland ffs. Get off the site.
    you disconnected? you are getting reported to smogon kid, which means people will know you are a dc/er and will not want to battle you. This is why this site is for 13 year olds and up. You dont even know how to play, you are garbage. Get off the site
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