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  • Why, yes you should. I'm getting an AR and a copy of the game possibly later this month.

    I'd prefer it not be affected by the Pokemon's type at all, honestly. It's plain and simply ridiculous. Why should the rainbow phoenix lose half of it's health upon entry? Same goes for Charizard, Articuno, Volcarona, and a few others.

    I've always been mediocre at OU; probably due to having the less amount of playtime in that tier. Never made a real effort to get used to it either, unfortunately.

    Unova already has a large portion of it destroyed as far as I'm concerned, that would simply be treacherous. Someone needs to bring it down now. D:

    Because, I...can't. I don't live in the U.S. and our gaming stores are ridiculously overpriced. I'll have to send someone to buy it if they're going overseas, and wait for them to come back home. Oh, lucky you. Figured you would already have it by now.
    Don't give up entirely just yet.

    Ruining quite too much Pokemon, I agree. Well, as hilariously broken as that sounds, I think we can do without further entry hazards in the series. Or, perhaps they could try nerfing them for once.

    Eh, not surprised. Not much people play Ubers anyway, so I'm left in the dust at times. I've tried Dream World OU, but I don't know; just can't get the hang of it.

    Unless it uses...FREEFA(I)LL on you!

    I should be getting my copy sometime this month - not exactly sure when, though.
    Well, shiny eggs are the easiest part for me, unfortunately. I've never made the effort to learn the other aspects of it. But that's primarily due to laziness/lack of motivation when I only own one game and no AR.

    That's what makes it quite unique. Nobody ever saw the Fire-typing coming. But I'm quite glad it came to that --the "Light-type"- discussion was getting on my last nerves. Poor Charizard wishes Stealth Rock never came to be...actually, I'm kind of fed up with entry hazards in general.

    I've tried PO lately; sometimes on the Poke Battle Center (full of douches or elitists). But I only ever go for Uber battles - those happen to be a lot more fun that OU. Join the club; I rarely do any battling aside from simulators.

    Rotom-F @Balloon with Magnet Rise and Fly would probably send itself into outer space, there you won't be able to touch it as you get para-flinch haxed to death. Everything would be doomed, most assuredly.
    Well, I'm all for Reshiram's looks as well. Well, you may be bad at RNG in Gen IV, but I don't know how to do it at all. Well, I could hatch shiny eggs with no problem, but that's about it. I could see why you'd avoid using standardized in-game Pokes online. I've had disaster doing the same thing years ago...

    I like the concept of Electric/Dragon more. But Fire/Dragon clearly has better execution so far. Going to enjoy trying out Reshiram next month.

    Well, typing longer doesn't quite confuse me, so I don't have a problem with it.

    Mines is always sliding out - due to my short attention spam, I quickly lose track of where it went, too. Thus resorting in some slight rage (hence the group avatar).

    It would seem so, lol. I'm going to keep that record. >.>
    Actually, that's the exact reason why I'm getting Black as well. I can't really see Zekrom doing much in comparison to Reshiram - who has perfect coverage in the form of it's STABs.

    Single player is fun, primarily the event matches/Stadium events. (Cruel Melee...)

    ...Haha. I see, well that doesn't bother me if you have a tendency to type a reasonable amount of text. Could be for the better in case I got confused about something you were telling me.

    It's for the best - not worth the disappointment or potential drama on those days.

    Ironically, I've recently found one of my Stylus (or my mom did), but I'm quite sure it will vanish in the upcoming days. It frequently slides out of the system itself and I just lose track of it shortly afterwards. It happens quite, quite often.

    I...think I did. Possibly beating out other group spammers...
    Your activity here seems to fluctuate; though I'm not surprised. I should be getting Black (or White) sometime in March. Looking forward to it too. Recently playing around on PO sometimes as well.

    Oh, I see. Regardless, I don't have the greatest attention span in the world for any sort of grinding - even with music or some sort of company with me. Unless the game is actually gripping with excitement.

    Yes, buy it for the single-player. The multiplayer will most assuredly turn you competitive - avoid those sections whenever you can.

    Meh, your comments aren't too long, lol. I do indeed read them and it's not like you reply a lot or anything. But I guess they aren't short either.

    Mines wasn't too happy, but thats how it always is lately. I've lost all sense of being romantic since last year.
    I'm pretty sure that removed any sense of entertainment you had while playing. o:

    Err, not at all. It's actually pretty good on single-player. I rarely played melee on multiplayer to begin with.

    Meh, regardless, I wasn't fan of the style they went with. No intention of playing it either, actually. Just not my type.

    Well, it never hurts to ask; but if you fear being spoiled further, that's understandable. I rarely ask for stuff from Mom anymore. I don't talk to my dad, so that's out of the question too.

    Oh, that's fine - feel free to keep the comments short, concise and to the point, lol.
    Why, yes it is. But I played on a high-rate server. So grinding wasn't very existent.

    Most definitely. Was a good thing, though. FE games generally have very positive reviews. So hopefully Nintendo keeps the franchise established in the U.S. for years to come. Also, lol. I don't play SSB anymore. Stopped after Melee; became too competitive, which isn't what I played it for.

    That would be correct - I was referring to Days of Ruin. The style killed it for me, but the gameplay was generally the same, I suppose. I prefer the cartoony style to the series - so yeah, wasn't a very wise art direction.

    Very useful. I always have it in classes over this hefty laptop of mines. It's understandable that you wouldn't want to bug your parents for one - I'm spoiled as it is.
    Eh, look it up. Has an interesting art style to it. Interestingly, I've also done the same. But never actually met the person in real life - but was close enough. (My ex-girlfriend)

    I know you aren't, and lol, I probably should do that out of, who knows. >>

    I probably will. To be honest, Super Smash Bros helped the series get on it's feet in the U.S. from what I've seen. Well, Advanced Wars, hmm, it has some factor that held my attention for quite a long time. I largely prefer the original series, rather the slightly darker DS one (forgot the name).

    Well, they're not TOO expensive. I got mines for about $281 (4th generation 32GB). You get what you pay for, really. Makes quite a good PC replacement to my surprise as well. Many commonly used applications I have can be downloaded onto it.
    Well, I'm never thrilled about Math, but I have no choice really. Engineering's going to be a pain, but I know I'll pull through it successfully.

    The MMO I've played was Ragnarok Online - if it rings a bell. If anything, that contributed to my recent erm, disaster in 12th grade. So I'm pretty much done with those genres. Once you get sucked in, it's hard to get out.

    Don't you tease me. .-. I just felt like it. D:
    Yes, I've played Fire Emblem before (not sure which GBA version was it...), but that was years ago. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to get back into the series. I have a relatively short attention span, so I can't get anything of the sorts done. But, I'll do my best to find another copy of the series eventually. That and Advanced Wars were pretty good.

    In other news: Currently fiddling with a jailbroken iPod Touch...ugh, contradicting myself now. Oh well, couldn't resist, lol.
    Oh, it's alright. I'm aware that it takes you quite a while to actually reply. I'm also having my fair share of school as well, so I'm not necessarily as active as I seem to be. But, I like my current results in Math, doing exceptionally well in a recent test -- it was a topic I struggled in.

    Well, some end in a bit of arrests or a warning from my uhm "aquaintances". Pretty sure I'll treat whatever they say about piracy with a grain of salt. But of course, better be safe than sorry.

    Oh, it's nothing about seeing a name like that before. It's just an item I've seen from a MMO I've used to play in my free time. Was a weapon endowed with Ghost/Sense Element. Had it's uses for me every now. (Immaterial Sword and Immaterial Arrows) Fairly sure it has to do with something spiritual.

    Lastly; I'd say a good...40% of the groups I join would apply to me, the rest are for fun, lol.
    Problem is, it isn't technically his. Mom spent all of her money on it in 2006...

    Well if things do work out, it seems to be a long way to go from here. We've been like this for almost a decade now.

    Nope, I'm not too touchy about piracy. But there are horror stories about I don't quite want to be the victim of. At best I limit it to ROMs and emulators if I'm that desperate to play a particular game, but newer ones seem to be out of the question.
    Meh, it's alright. I could tell this laptop is on the brink of destruction, anyway. Been acting strange lately and the only backup is the old one in the living room that dad just hogs watching porn all day... (I am not making this up.)

    Yes, financial issues. Main family's been plagued with them (thanks to my sister), but we seem to be slowly recovering from that. I just wish it would all just stop by now. Gaming is my favorite hobby, and it sucks not being able to buy all of the titles I want. With the recent PS3 jailbreak, that /may/ change -- but I'm not too thrilled about resorting to piracy.

    And yes, I'm having high hopes of studying overseas, so I have to work hard in school first before focusing on other trivialities.
    Well I haven't tested opening 80 orso tabs, but this thing heats up fast, so I'm not particular sure about trying it. As for drawing, well...reminds me to much about high school, something I'd rather avoid reminiscing about.

    Oh, I see. At least you've tried, I'm just downright lazy. (Incredibly short attention span at times)

    I'm unable to buy new games due to financial issues, mainly. Not to mention I have to focus on school instead.
    Well, I've only made one - and probably my last.

    Yes, I've noticed you have a tendency to disappear for days on end, but I didn't think it was due to having that sheer amounts of tabs My laptop would probably explode if I attempted that many tabs on it.

    Well, you should try getting into other genres if possible. Who knows, some may have the potential to keep you sucked in for a long time. I need to buy new ones, though. Badly. :x
    Most definitely should have. Although, I've noticed a large amount of clubs haven't been made yet.

    As for the communication bit; it's no problem. I generally find it easier to remember my contacts with the method I suggested. But, it's fine if you aren't able to. :o

    Lastly, my taste for games fluctuates. I'm a massive fan of the Megaman X series (including the side-storyline games Zero, ZX, etc.), Starfox series, Sonic series - as long as it's a 2D sidescroller. Devil May Cry (sometimes)

    Could go on but I'd be naming stuff I play or did enjoy for quite a long while now. So I'll list what I usually get my hands on, instead.
    Well, I've only ever been to other islands in the Bahamas and Florida. But I need much more than that.

    I randomly join social groups for the Hell of it, lol.

    I was wondering about the same thing, but nothing came up. How could the users NOT have an Arcanine group? D:

    ..So I went out of the way and made one. :3
    I need to travel. I've been here for 18 years and enough is enough, really. Went on a vacation to the U.S in December and it was incredible in Florida! :]

    Inspiring me to finish up school here and study overseas, rather than boring Bahamas.

    Edit: As expected, you have an odd timezone, lol.
    Well, I'm sticking to engineering. The huge salaries from it will benefit me in the long run; I don't plan to live much of an average lifestyle anymore, so yeah.

    As for the Math bit, going to have to agree on that. I've never been good at it, yet my major requires it. I predict plenty of headaches incoming in the future from it. :/

    In any case, I'm more comfortable than I was in high school. Which is what matters, really.
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