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  • As far as special walls go... I love Dusknoir, and Deoxsys D. Deoxys has won me quite a few matches. Just a beast all around.
    Don't get me wrong, I love umbreon, think he's a cool looking poke, But just isn't of any use. If it could learn Seismic toss or something, I'd be all over that lol
    Ya. I ran an umbreon for awhile. It still was damage though lol. I got rid of it though since it couldn't do much and with all the heracross and hitmontop around it just wasn't that good in the long run imo
    I'm not sure why you switched Umbreon in on the foucs punch though. Think I was going for something else?
    To be honest, I would of lasted till the end. After all, being a stubborn mule is my forte.
    It's not that I really wanted the 6-0, I just didn't feel like staying in with mamoswine when it would take forever to kill you. I don't think that crit mattered on weezing, but if it did, would have 2hkoed for sure. Twas also lucky on those scald burns.
    I don't recommend it only so I can be only one (that I know of) using it :P
    It's the one poke that I use on all my teams.
    That Arcanine surprises everyone. Modest & scarf = pwnage. He's always cleaning up battles getting like 3 man sweeps. Perfect for the will o wisp switch in.
    First time I've used one. You're the first I've seen use a weezing other than myself lol.
    Think I am going to switch hp ice for fighting though. Would've helped against that umbreon. Would've been screwed without the speDef drop
    Lol I can understand why. I had t-wave on it too.
    I just switched it out with my roserade. so far loving the results.
    Of course man. You're a good battler and I'm sure you wouldn't mind some more battles haha. You deserve it man :)
    Okay. If you upload anything, I'll still link your account. If you don't I'll tell em where to find you here.
    I actually don't have prority. It's CB w/ U-Turn, Brick Break, Trick, and Return (which I'll probably switch for something else). And thanks! You have an account?
    I figured you'd lock yourself into CC since 2/3 pokes resisted. Although, the defense drops would've hurt since my Furret and Houndoom could have possibly been faster. But seeing E Speed I figured you would be able to take out the rest of my team since their defenses aren't so great. But Houndoom is a trooper no doubt. Great battle. You mind if I put this on YouTube? I don't like asking cuz I feel like a prick. But twas a good match and I'd like to post it. Only if you're okay with it haha.
    Everytime I play Leaf Green, I name my Squirtle Tortuga :D I thought of that when I saw your Blastoise haha.
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