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  • So its:

    Philly:October 14th(NOTE:This is THE only vg event on the eastern coast so expect this to be packed)

    VA:January 20TH: NOTE: There is a Florida regional too but Florida and VA are pretty close to southern players so we'll see the tennesee areas go to VA, and southern georgia go to FL, but it will be packed by NE players.)

    RI: April13th NOTE: I hate this regional. Too Damm small(from my memory) but being philly is known as the NE regional there has to be something more up north. Not much to say but patts mom will drive, and Patt will go or he's gay
    Yes if we have a job lol we should be able to do it after worlds. I'll learn all i can about how tcg is. keep up with the format. Ask tcg players like Huy, and makiri for help, and it should not be too hard haha. Basically if I got a job in december I can make us go to vgc VA. Thats all thats needed lol. Too how its confirmed. it is all through the convention centers are all booked with tpci pokemon events at that certain date. NuggetBridge covers all the areas. Smogon isn't adding anything till the end of this season, and pokemon too.
    Ok but right now im wondering what the point requirement will be. It can't be 10 points minimum I think thats going to be confirmed, because I who had quite a nice run(6th RI, and 12th I hate tiebreakers) would only have 9 points total lol. Its going to be different I know that. Plus tcg has 9000 different events to get 10 player points haha.
    Oh I forgot to tell you. Virginia is CONFIRMED for January 20th. thats like farther than RI, and RI is a mayber for April OMG OMG OMG
    the premise is to watch vidyas. Theres so many teams. Here are pkmn tht might have a impact:<br />
<br />
Blissey: Get rid of physical attackers which are pretty few in 2010/2013. Have a field day.

    Kyruem b/w formes-Not in 2010 but these pokemon boast a unprecedented BASE 170 sp.atk and atk respectively higher than any pokemon. Have access to dragon ice and thunder/firemoves.

    Gastrodon:(SPECULATION)- Well he is the underdog of 2012 being a nice counter to drizzle. that success may carry over.

    Top-He's amazing in all the formats he was actually used in. Now he's coming with wideguard which can be a big game changer considering the share amount of spread moves used.

    Ttar and abamasnow: Both weather users that aren't about sun or rain.Abama works great with and vs rain. Weather always disrupts foes. Both base 55's meaning they gt weather up 1st. ttar is ttar, and abama particularly shines in this meta because his typing is now really useful.

    I'll stop here lol
    If I can remember some unique ones were:

    BadIntents antimeta lead(Tyranitar+Yanmega):Used at worlds. Gained weather advantage. Detect to gain speed boost and full POWA.

    Lanturn+rotom: Sweeped worlds lcq and got top8 in worlds.

    Scarf smeargle leads:DV DV DV DV DV DV WIN :D

    TrickRock-Probably the worst team in vgc 2010 history. Used Solrock 4 tr, and hippo leads. Had ttar and regirock. Basically Monorock. This guy preceded to get top 8 at dallas and then tryed to defend his team, and how well planned it was.(though topogre the most standard team 4-0's it. How it got that far is beyond me.
    ok well think of it like chess. The king and queen are your ubers. Then the non ubers are your pawns. all ubers are good remember but good usage of the pawn can make all the difference. Watch some worlds 2010 battles(not just ray vs jp guy). Here were common leads in 2010:

    Infernape+Palkia-Beats the standard topogre in speed. Usually have abama in back to gain weather.

    TopOgre-No need to explain. Topped 5/6 regionals(mayber 4/6), and a few European nats.

    Abamatwo-Blizz spam to the max w/o expert belt

    GiraNape:Like palkia infernape but gira shadow forces breaks protects, and ghost cant be FO'd.

    Cresselia Groudon-Won Worlds. Best jp player used it too at worlds. Cresselia tr'd and HH. Groudon did the rest.

    LV1. Smeargle Dialga-Another tr team.

    As you see there are many other leads. Just familarize yourself by watching vidyas
    Well it quite unique because im learning to make custom ev spreads that mean something but heres the set you can decide:

    ummmmmmmmm this will be off but its pretty close:
    xhp,160def,252sp.atk,72 sp.def. I don't remember but the def and sp.def equal put at lv 50, and the rest into hp surpassing 200+hp.

    -Discharge(I have rotomgrass who resist it twice, and they both have discharge. So i got a 40% chance something is getting paralysed. I also switch out to gchomp so he soaks discharges)
    -Surf-My teams a drizzle team(though I never use toed or croak sadly. Hey I still got rotom-g) Its another AOE and works in rain and croak appreciates.

    -Thunderwave-Icebeam should be here but I can't pass up a chance to use twave on a bulky mon. I have twave on both rotom and this, and I lead both. This helps me b/c my opponent won't know who i'll twave with.

    -Protect because protect.

    So I guess its a mix or offense and support
    Lol Disregard that I still got it. Enter'd a Live Tournament hosted by NuggetBridge and got 4th place losing to JRank due to quite a bit of hax and then getting swept 2 rounds later by admin/MR.17th place at nats 2 years running Synre. He was so freaking good. My lanturn couldn't scratch his bulky swagger team(he used Normal gem fireblast Snorlax, choicespecs voltswitch Zapdos and offensive trickroom swagger cresselia).

    I beat Biosci round 1, moved on to face the stronth brit Havak, lossed to Jrank, beat tyler, and then losted to Synre. It was quite fun and I'm thinking of revamping my lanturn team. So yea im happy.

    tl:dr I don't suck no more again.
    Aiyee. Craig I'm so rusty at vgc already. I loss 2-0(best of 3) against eijango at a wifi tournament using SB Special. Everything was off. I knew his gliscor would protect and his mienshao would ohko my top. I still FO, and well get ko'd. I knew his chandelure was 252 hp, but I still switch out my scizor instead of dbl attacking. Game 2 went down to my garchomp spamming RS, and his gliscor protecting and poison heal activatimg till it twas gameover.I never felt so bad @ pokemon since my vgc11 top16 loss.
    yea, infact my computer teacher makes us use gis workshop to fix/build stuff. I already made a computer at the beginning of the year. Gotta be careful. Static will destroy everything. Its a gaming computer so your going to need a pimpin graphic card and a good ram, and your halfway set. 1st research needed parts b4 buying crap. I'll help you there.
    Am i coming tmmw? Also don't buy a premade computer. Their crap. I can make one and you'll save 4-800 dollars. Hell you can make1. Its definitely fun b/c of the customization.
    yea my bro went and on got mw3. I was like of all the games....... PC games yes. Theres so many good games(many f2p). All you need is a good damn computer(oh and if you give me the pieces, I can make it from scratch). thats what im going to save up 4 most likely.
    lol no. Its still in development. There was only a 2hr hands-on demo @ pax. But yeah its really fun multiplayer haha. Play w/ my bro, and its pretty darn good.
    you mean tornadus. Also borderlands is freqkimg amazing. you should get bl2 when it comes out. a great fps rpg.
    why would kyruem's b/w formes be banned? Its not a event mon.

    Also get this. three genies get knew formes. thunderus gets sp.atk boost in new form(omg), and landourous gets atk boost in form. Tornadus gets speed,sp.def, and def boost.

    Also keldeo and meloeta are new mons alongside genesect
    K standard unstandard:

    New format just means next vgc.

    Currentformat is all mons but ubers.
    2011 format:Unova Only
    SMEARGLE. He can bp like a boss and spore up. but yeah its still gimmicky.

    ALSO: New pokemon bw2 trailer. A animu one. Its freaking amazing trailer, Only if pkmn anime was like the animation in sed trailer. Go on youtube. IGN posted it so it should be the 1st 1 there.
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