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  • I asked Antar about generating statistics about gender distribution, and he said to ask you about it because it's not included in the logs currently?
    Yo, it would be amazing if you can expand your data compilation to other lesser played tiers, particularly BW RU, BW Ubers, and DPP OU. Your information would make it so much easier to get into these new metagames.
    Thank you for the amazing data compilation on Pokemon movesets! It has been extremely insightful. I hope you continue to do this :)

    Just wanted to personally thank you, since it's such an amazing resource!
    Is tomorrow at 10:00 gmt +6 ok? Thats the earliest I will be able to do it. On Saturday I have a basketball tournament, but I should be free all day Sunday.
    well, i could probably host it for a few (european) hours a day, actually.
    you could try asking a bunch of different people though, i'm sure someone can host it 24/7
    may i ask what the current IP and name of the server is?

    additionally, why not give grass whistle, hypnosis, sing and etc yawn's effect?
    Luck free works. I see what you mean about hax. Could call it "Pokemon+ (luck-free)" maybe? As for the server description sentence, the one you have is actually pretty good. Just change "use" to "uses". And probably add in a link to a thread with info about it in DST when that's up.

    Or.. switch to.. "A server modified to remove all luck, for more information see here(link)". But your one is fine as it is, with that little tweak of use->uses.
    no prob. And, yes, or more accurately I have already left. heh, my reputation precedes me :). thank you.

    You should be able to get into the top 10 servers easily enough (assuming your connection is good enough to host quite a few people, though if needed you'll be able to find someone who'll host for you I'm sure) with a few topics on different Pokémon forums, and consider a namechange to include "hax-free" in the server name. Pokemon+ is good, but does not instantly explain what you're doing, and a lot of people won't read the description.
    Tip for getting more users to your server sooner, get permission from the Dragonspiral Tower mods and put a topic up there for discussion of the meta with details in the OP. They approved my one for the glitch moves StreetPKMN server, pretty sure you'll be fine. Loads of people will want to play, but very few of those users are going to be reading the C&C Projects forums.
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