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  • Hi! I have a pokemon egg with your TSV (1768). Can you help me to open it? Mi FC is 1547-5867-1685. Thanks.
    Swirlix (F) - Adamant, Unburden, 31\20\31\6\31\31 [1768]
    ^ mind hatching that? it has belly drum and such and willing to give you a life orb in doing so
    fc is 0791 2425 2961 thank you very much, get back to me asap.
    im also willing to clone it.. since instacheck is dead i cant breed another in hoping of finding someone with its exact sv
    I got an egg with your tranier id, 1768, can you hatch it for me? I can give you some pokèmon 5 ivs, if you want!
    This is my friend code: 1118 1579 6771
    Let me know, thanks!
    Would you be able to help me hatch a shiny egg?

    I can offer you spitbacks in return, such as Mawile, Absol, Corphish, Scyther, Venipede, Joltik, Gligar, Eevee or Gible. All with special balls, correct nature, egg moves and the works.
    Hey. I dont know if you're still looking for the Macho brace, but i found it. It's in that city where there's a ferris wheel. Go to the East gate and some dude is standing there. Talk to him and he gives it to you.
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