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  • yeah, I can understand the predicament. What most people do is to just use a hack wondercard anyways and RNG the event through that means. Something you might look into?
    I've never taken my shaymin into sky form...considering the fact that Skymin was uber and I stay away from that tier...but I think it still can. Just because the event was hacked doesn't make the pokemon hacked in any way. You still save in front of the pokemon and do the coinflips and walk and paralysis/sleep false swipe to get it lol.

    Some people will not allow for hacked pokemon to be used in online battle until they are somehow released in a legitimate way (Shaymin was released via wifi in a cherished ball for instance but Keldeo wasn't released yet so you can't hack an event and use it).
    bah - the oak letter not gracidea flower event..that even is post oak letter if I recall right, lol.
    i think the only way was to hack the gracidea flower event in platinum and then RNG it legitly through that means.
    Yes, you do. If you own an R4 card, there's a mechanism in which you can transfer the save file onto your memory stick so you can play it. Alternatively, you could load up the pokemon file with pokesav and it should have your pokemon on it - this method requires an AR.

    There might be other methods nowadays - like uploading it onto a trade link via an internet connection and trading it that way, but I've been out of the scene for far too long to know lol
    For Specs, you miss out on an OHKO on defensive Dialga with Draco Meteor, IIRC, as well as on 4/0 Kyogre. You also require more support to 2HKO Blissey after Stealth Rock with Focus Blast if you run Timid, while Draco Meteor gives you a guaranteed 2HKO without factoring in Protect.
    Yes, but that was quite a long time ago, lol. Kazo had an amazing youtube video showing how to do it on an emulator if you'd like to have a look :)
    ya, Thud-T NEEDS Timid, otherwise base 100s will outpace it, though Naive can work as it does allow it to use Hammer Arm
    well, Adamant and Jolly are great for Landorus-T, as it uses Landorus's Attack stat, but a Naive nature can be used as well since it has a decent Special Attack. And I don't mind answering your questions about stuff :D
    Ahaha - no. Those who ladder consistently will probably beat me soundly. I prefer fun teams as opposed to boring top OU teams that you see every other fight, lol.

    Can you breed or catch or both in 5th gen?! And ID/SID abuse too?
    Ahaha! Congratulations!!! :) I'm so happy for you ^^

    Umm - I haven't played :( I've been so swamped with work and friends. Summer means a great deal of leisure for me so yeah...I'll get back into it soon though! Just haven't had any interesting team hit me yet :/
    No...the huge doc just contains a large collection of all RNG'd pokes that are fully redis or have been proven legit. I asked around, lol. Mat/Kurt might be one of them, but as always - trade with your own risk.

    Anyways - why do you say that? lol I do play PO much much more than wifi (which is nonexistent these days) but that's just because wifi takes waaaay too I've also had bad experience on wifi where people kept disconnecting, ahaha.
    Herm - here's something I learned from my shift from Marriland/Serebii to Smogon...just ditch them when you're trading. Keep them for wifi purposes but yeah...not worth it otherwise. Especially since you can now RNG breed, learning catching is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier. So a general rule of thumb would be: only trade your own pokes or pokes you receive from reputable persons on Smogon. Pokesav is too easy a thing to abuse.

    That said, Mat/Kurt doesn't ring much of a bell, but I do know that a group of very nice people uploaded a HUGE doc of fully redis RNG pokes online so many people have those. Mat/Kurt could belong in that group, lol.
    Not in particular, no. I only know of some mods that could but they wouldn't respond to a request most likely, lol. If it's from a reputable trade thread, then it should legit is the real I generally go by, lol.
    No - don't worry about it. I don't foresee myself trading again, lol. Enjoy the Shaymin please - and also share the joy if someone wants it :)
    Umm...actually, Shaymin is on my soul silver. Sorries...also, I don't appear to have a Ditto :/ Not sure where they all went, lol. You can get those pretty easily though by just asking in Simple Question And Answer though, they're not kept that securely.

    So...add my SS and I'll meet you on in a bit.
    Home! It should be on my platinum - so add that and tell me your FC please. Also...are you capable of cloning?
    Questions like these are fine on VM imo - I just don't want to delete my inbox...lazy ahaha...

    1) Depends on the tournament. Wifi and such, if no one has a problem with it, then it's fine. Most people won't but some are strict - VGC...yeah you gotta use full legit ones I think.

    2) I'm not sure what I have...I may have a Jirachi, but I don't think I have a celebi...or maybe I do. I stopped knowing what I have and what I RNG'd once I focused more on PO and less on wifi. We'll see when I get home, lol. I for sure have a Ditto and that Shaymin though...since I've always wanted a dive ball Shaymin...but even that event is hacked if I recall right...
    Lol! That's not what I meant - you're more than welcome to clone and trade my Shaymin as you fit :) The more the merrier now ^^

    I think...this tuesday or wednesday will work nicely?
    And I don't know, it's from experience that those with trade threads do less shady things with pokemon trading. By the end of the day, I honestly feel like it's a bunch of numbers anyways (pokemons) so everyone should get everything...but the hard work that people put into RNGing and such means that you should respect how they want their pokemon distributed lol. *Shrugs* that's just me though ahaha
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