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  • Hi there mate, I found you on the friend safari and wanted to know if you would add me. I have a dragonair, sliggoo and gabite. My friend code is 2079-7334-0130. I am an active player and its no worries if you don't want to add me :)
    I saw that you had Whirlipede on the spreadsheet. May you add my FC: 3497-0562-8887
    Added you back. My FC is 3368-1651-4123 since you havent added me yet
    Hi there PTM, would you by any chance be able to add me to your FC? =] You have a lovely safari I'd very much like to run rampant in. ;) I have Fire (ninetales, pansear and laversta) and my FC is: 4554-1356-5382
    Greetings! I found you on the spreadsheet and added you. Can we exchange friend codes for safari? I would be much obliged, been lookin for whirlipede safari. My FC is 0361-7330-0756
    Thank you!
    hello, as I am sure that you can infer, I am in search for a Speed Boost Scolipede via your Safari. If you don't mind, may we exchange Friend Codes?


    Thank you for your time, my friend.
    Hi I wanted to have your friend Safari for the Whirlipedi with its hidden ability...

    My FC is 3394 4905 8338

    I added yours and I hope you add mine as I would be very grateful. IGN is Thomas.
    Hi there, Ive added you for Friend Safari, would appreciate an addback, my FC is 3351-4047-4997 IGN is Dan.
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