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  • To follow up with Wild Eep, our forum rules must be kept to standards, so I went ahead and locked. You're welcome to start a new trade topic so long as it meets our standards, or use the simple questions/requests thread for immediate needs.
    Smogon doesn't really have a place for this sort of thread. However, if you want, you can look for the Pokemon you seek by asking in the Simple Questions/Requests thread.
    Regarding your thread: IVs are mandatory for running a trade thread here at Smogon. I'd try MetalKid's IV calculator to find those out. It has support for stats at multiple levels and other handy features.

    In other news, looking at your rules, I suspect that Smogon wi-fi is not going to be a good fit for you. RNGing is everywhere, and clones make this wi-fi community go round. If you don't like that stuff, fine, but I thought I should give you a heads up.
    I said they can be any gender. I was only asking because 2 hours ago you said later but you are still on.
    Are you sure you couldn't do this today all i need is the lvl 1 all you have to do is hatch the egg???
    Hey what do you need I really need a pupitar, houndour, and a zorua for my dream team. I honestly don't have much. I have a shiny meditite on diamond. that is about it. I also have a normal chimchar.
    I saw that you posted that you have a JOLLY Thundurus and looking for a shiny Venonat. Plus, I'm looking to keep that guy. Do you want anything else?
    I'm Bonsly. Looking for Thundurus. VM me if you're willing to trade. I can offer ADAMANT Boldore with fairly good IVs, BOLD Zekrom, or ADAMANT Ditto, with fairly good IVs. Don't have any shiny Pokemon yet though. If there's anything else you need, please ask. Thanks for your time.
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