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  • It was after doing my wife. I just got married 3 days ago. I still found cleaning my room better than sex. I feel something is wrong with me, but I don't know what.
    I cleaned my room then had sex with a woman.

    I must say, I found cleaning my room much better than the sex.
    You said "I'm not letting you back out" and I do not use IRC nor will I argue with you on the forums, so I'll call this to a close.
    Take a non-biased religious studies course, and do some research into pre-historic religion. You'll find people were believing in higher powers before your precious bible was written.
    Okay, I said "there is no ignorance in science" but that wasn't worded properly. If science hasn't explained it properly, then steps will be taken to find said explanation. Religion likes to disregard all proof showing an otherwise believed fact to be false, only because "it would have been in the Bible" or some other stupid excuse. The Bible has been written and rewritten and interpreted and reinterpreted, you can't tell me that the story you know about everything is exactly how it was meant to be. Then there are Muslims and Jews, who believe in the same god as you... just Muslims have a different savior than you, and Jews haven't found theirs yet. Unfortunately, Jews will never find theirs because Jews, just like Muslims and Christians, believe in fairy tales to make themselves feel better about things they can't control or comprehend in the world.
    I'll say that there are some aspects of Christianity I like, but unfortunately, you and most people I encounter don't seem to represent those aspects.

    Just what kind of Christian are you? Baptist? Methodist? Catholic? Tell me.
    There is no ignorance in science. Science doesn't claim to know all the answers like Christianity does. Christians have all the answers in one easy to find book. How ridiculous is that? At least science says we can TRY to prove, and we can give LOGICAL reasoning behind our beliefs. You believe something your parents told you to read and listen to and believe without fault, and that, sir, is painful. Your Christian peers for hundreds of years said the earth was FLAT. Science proved that wrong, and now you know this to be true. If you don't, you're a fool. The bible wants to say that giant lizards walked with man. Dinosaurs? Are you fucking serious? If you hop on that bandwagon, there's something wrong with you... And people living for over hundreds of years? Uh huh. Show me. Oh, and btw, your evil Judas was actually a Saint, and there was actually a Gospel written about him.
    I don't have to read the entire bible to know what the stories are about. I've got Catholic family who KNOWS the bible and they talk to me about shit.
    You blindly follow a book that's claimed to have all the answers since the dawn of time. I live in a time where we need logical proof to show things are or are not. You read a book written by no one knows who or how many people. That is illogical. Just because a group of people decided to sit down and write a bunch of stories, and in those stories proclaim "believe this or you will suffer eternally", lol, sorry holmes, that's about the most ridiculous thing anyone can ask of anyone. I don't want to go into every detail of how "you interpret the bible" because it is a work of fiction. You interpret words differently than others. Why do you think there's so many different groups of Christians? All religion does anyway is show you how to dislike people who don't agree with you.

    There's really nothing to talk about. You think what I said has no credibility, and I believe an old book that millions of people blindly follow is a bunch of bull, so let's call it a draw.
    Stop with the bible quotes and the failed attempts at getting us to see your point of view or believe in any form of god. Just because some stupid book was written thousands of years ago and no one who wrote it is alive today to prove or disprove what it means or says does not mean it is the truth just by stating it is the truth. YOU DO NOT PROVE FAITH, SO STOP TRYING. And yeah, there may be many "historical accounts" in the bible, but are you REALLY going to take word for word what the bible says dude? It was written thousands of years ago, no one can read words that old and take every one of them literally. It's bogus. Half the shit you believe in is fucking ridiculous. If I showed you certain things out of context and said, "I believe in this" you'd say I was being ridiculous too.

    Long story short, unless the topic is about religion, don't fucking talk about it.
    You seemed to miss it when I said it in the thread, so I'll post it here:

    Please stop replying to people with bold text in the quote tags. Because it makes it a pain in the arse for people to then quote you.
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