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    CAP 29 - Prevo # Poll

    Two One None
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    CAP 29 - Prevo # Discussion

    One or Two Personally, this design screams one prevo, in the same vein as Pyroar or Arcanine. However, the stats definitely lean toward the two prevo pseudo-legend route. All I know is that I definitely think this 'mon needs at least one prevo.
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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 4

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    CAP 29 - Art Poll 1

    JAGFL BlorengeRhymes Inkbug Sunfished Golurkyourself Z-nogyroP Meliiow Slickedbackartisan Pipotchi paintseagull Modedit: Fixing spelling of "Slickedbackartisan".
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    CAP 29 - Art Submissions

    FINAL SUBMISSION A psychedelic deer. Based on decomposing, Chronic Wasting Disease (aka zombie deer disease), and how deer will intentionally seek out psychedelic mushrooms. Might post supporting art if I get around to it before the deadline.
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    Smogoff CAP - Art Thread (itt draw pretty horsies)

    this is chad chad is a very normal horse that is all DISCLAIMER: chad is in no way a fighting type and his feelings are very hurt that you could ever think that about him. chad only uses force when absolutely necessary.
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    CAP 29 - Art Submissions

    WIP HUGE overhaul to my design’s proportions, pretty happy with how it turned out. Possibly ready for a final sub but I might change a few things down the line + add some supporting art.
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    CAP 29 - Part 6 - Defining Moves Poll

    Make Only Quiver Dance Required
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    Smogoff CAP - Stats & Movepool Time, Babey!

    Steel/Steel ??? Water/Poison
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    Smogoff CAP - Stats & Movepool Time, Babey!

    The obviously and objectively best typing for this horse is clearly Steel/Steel. Now, you may be thinking, how the fuck can a Pokémon be the same type twice? Well, put simply.... uh.... shut up, it just works. Now allow me to explain why Steel/Steel is at minimum 10x better than all typings ever...
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    CAP 9 Prevo - Sprite Submissions

    FINAL SUBMISSION Gosh I love Dorsoil! Big thanks to Darquezze and the CAP discord for feedback!
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    CAP 29 - Art Submissions

    WIP SUPER WIP and also rather large image based on how reindeer seek out psychedelic mushrooms and on decomposing mushrooms/chronic wasting disease
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     You're Not My Type

    Had a lot of fun with this one, and I hope there’ll be another one (relatively) soon!
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     You're Not My Type

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    CAP 9 Prevo - Sprite Submissions

    WIP Sized-up WIP frontsprite! Still needs a bit of work, but I’ll probably get to making the backsprite soon.