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    CAP 31 - Art Submissions

    WIP My WIP Cap31 design! Pretty happy with it so far but stats/intended role could def. throw a bit of a curveball here. It's a desert tortoise dragon turtle inspired by how dragons are known to hoard gold, gemstones, and other riches. It's also covered in a bit of golden jewelry/armor...
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     You're Not My Type

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    CAP 30 - Part 14 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Tormentome “Torment” + “Tome” Pronounced: tohr-MEN-tohm IPA: tɔːrˈmɛnˌtoʊm
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    CAP 30 - Part 14 - Name Submissions

    WIP (1/3) Tormentome Pronounced: tohr-MEN-tohm A combination of “torment” and “tome”. Torment comes from the way that forbidden knowledge is often said to bring torment, and tome is fairly obvious.
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    CAP 30 - Part 12 - Prevo # Discussion

    Although it is true that most form-changing, gimmicky ‘mons have no evolutionary line, I feel that CAP30 has more in common with form-changing ‘mons like Aegislash and Darmanitan than ‘mons like Oricorio and the like. CAP30 is considerably larger, more complicated, and stronger than any Castform...
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    CAP 30 - Art Poll 3

    Unsee Golurkyourself A_Magical_Liopleurodon
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    CAP 30 - Art Poll 2

    Sunfished Pipotchi StephXPM Unsee Golurkyourself Yokaiju A_Magical_Liopleurodon Quanyails NoahIOTJ
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    CAP 30 - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM Yokaiju DarkFairy A_Magical_Liopleurodon Golurkyourself Quanyails NoahIOTJ Yilx Pipotchi JAGFL Sgt.Moose Gravity Monkey Unsee Sunfished
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    CAP 30 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission 30b 30i Supporting Material Held Item A plagued zombie-bird that can be cured/refined via a plague doctor's mask.
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    CAP 30 - Part 4 - Typing Poll 2

    Poison/Flying Steel/Fighting Grass/Water
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    CAP 30 - Framework Poll 2

    In-Battle Form Change Ability Weak Status Move Ability Giratina-Style Forms
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    I totally will if we end up getting a normal CAP as a framework

    I totally will if we end up getting a normal CAP as a framework
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    CAP 30 - Framework Poll 1

    Competitive NFE/Evolution Pair Runner-Up CAP Weak Status Move Ability In-Battle Form Change Ability Giratina-Style Forms Primal Weather Ability Protean/Libero User Normal-Type CAP Mythical Pixie Pokemon
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    Defunct CAP Buff Poll 2

    Voodoom Kitsunoh Pyroak