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  • That was not the place to post....anyway you can sign up for a tutor to work on teambuilding or go to the Overused room on Pokemon Showdown for help.
    Hey, I saw your comment on ArchPhantom's RMT saying you only had a 3IV Landorus-T in-game and no Defog Empoleon at all. I already have ArchPhantom's team in my game, so I can clone you a copy of the Landorus-T and Empoleon (6IV and 5IV respectively) if you'd like. My friend code is 4828-5035-9285. Let me know if you'd like the mons.
    Oh my goodness this would be amazing! Thank you so much!

    I added you, and my code is 0516-7442-6106! I'll be on almost nonstop!
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