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  • wait. You dont get latias with a nickname. the name was just to determine the winners
    Pokegts would be better, probably. It can keep it's held item. Can you pm me your email so I can send it?
    Oh. O.o Sorry I didn't mean to call ya a male...thats what you get when you assume eh? lol. Hey, as long as its before Saturday mate. Got a battle with my pal.
    lol, i'm not a guy ;-;
    anyway,we're calling our company since I could not fix it, you will get your latias tomorrow, latest. Maybe later today if those guys hurry up ;-;
    I'm trying to fix my wifi ATM, hold on. I'll tell you when I get everything sorted out.
    Dumb question on my part :P they can lol. So yeah..if i can figure this out, the file would be lovely :)
    I'm testing this as we speak with an Articuno. Now can these be used in like VGC and online and such?
    So basically, you send me the file, I left click
    "queue for transfer to gen 5" change my DNS, and enter the GTS?
    So I would send you the file. Then you would put it into pokecheck.org. Then, click on the pokemon in pokecheck that you uploaded (the latias) and click either "queue for download on GTS" if you are using a gen 4 game or "queue for transfer to gen 5" if you are using B/W. Then change your DNS setting to theirs, go to the GTS at the top of the pokemon center, and you should receive it.
    Basically, you just take the file, put into either pokecheck.org or pokegts.us, and send it to your game via the GTS.
    Really now? Yeash, that just made my day haha! :') Pkm files? No clue what that is :/
    I'll give you vulpix and zorua for free. you can use pkm files right? Which zorua do you want?
    Pokechecks.org is used to find out information and legitmacy. I shall personally IV check these when I recieve them for sometimes the site is iffy on the IV section.
    Litwick-31 IV in HP, 2 IV in attack, 30 IV in every other stat
    Latias-(I have yet to upload and check, I recently obtained it in a trade)
    Hydreigon-(Same as above)
    Cresselia (Need to upload to get IVs. I believe I personally caught this one)
    Raikou-Personally obtained from Event, but since it is an Event pokemon, I cant tell IVs
    Gible-30 IV in HP, 7 in attack, 30 defense, 31 special attack, 21 spec. def, 30 speed
    Bagon-7 IV in HP, 14 attack, 0 def, 30 special attack, 25 spec def, 0 speed
    Larvitar-8 IV in HP, 1 attack, 31 def, 4 special attack, 20 spec def, 5 speed
    Houndour-30 IV in HP, 14 attack, 29 def, 14 special attack, 2 spec def, 30 speed
    Volcarona-(Need to upload and check, recent trade)
    Axew-6 HP, 17 attack, 29 def, 26 spec attack, 12 spec def , 2 speed
    Deerling-18 HP, 10 attack, 19 def, 5 spec attack, 10 spec def, 12 speed
    Eevee-Perfect 31 IVs in all categories
    Milotic-Event shiny. Can't upload to check
    Virizion-31 IVs in everything except special attack 7 IV in special attack
    The person is a friend of mine whom deeply goes into Pokemon when he RNGs...and he recieves alot from trades as well. Natures are currently unknown which is why I did not dwell into that much yet, moves are depending as well. This is all I know from him thus far.
    I need more information like who RNged them, IVs, nature, moves etc........
    please VM me, don't post in my thread.
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