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  • Okay, something came up for me. I can still do Saturday, but probably more like 2 PM my time, 7 PM yours. Is that okay?
    Saturday works for me, almost better actually. I could do it anytime after 10:00 AM my time (so 3:00 PM yours) until late my night, when you're probably asleep.
    Did you show up on irc/do it? I forgot and wasn't really sure if we were even doing this, sorry if you did it/waited for me on irc!
    No, it's fine! I just want to know so that we can decide on a time to do it. I'm on mostly in the afternoons/evenings, like 3:00-7:00 PM my time. (8:00-midnight yours) So, if you're on at 8:00 PM or later, we can do it. I have a bunch of homework, so you want to start it tomorrow at 3:00 my time, 8:00 yours? (Note: I may be a few minutes late if we do it this early. 3:00 is precisely the time I get home from school.)
    Okay, no big deal. But, just wondering, what's your time zone? Is it GMT -0? Cause I'm GMT -5.
    Usually it would be, say, I get the first gym badge. Then, we battle, no matter how far behind me you are. So just battle immediately after the first person gets the first gym badge, then first person to second, etc. IVs just ignore, unless your pokemon knows Hidden Power, in that case figure out its type. Also, I would ignore EVs, because they'll be impossible to keep track of. And yes, playing on PS!
    Okay, but before that lets work out some of the logistics...I was thinking no starters because to be completely honest I'm sick of the gen 5 starters. Also, I think we should do the battle after the first person gets a gym badge, then the 2nd gym badge, etc.
    Ignore the PM; you hadn't been on in a while, and I didn't wanna make people wait, so I flipped a coin; I got Psychic.
    I recommend an update after every gym or so. Good luck with Chikorita! But Sleepy comes up soon, so I'm happy about that. :3
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