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  • Hi, I'm looking for Steel Safari would you mind adding my fc ?
    2165 - 6488 - 2401 (Mine have Rhydon, Pupitar and Nosepass)
    or 5300 - 9588 - 2459 (This one have Sigilyph, Munna and Girafarig) Ty
    Look, I know that we don't know each other, but, can you add my Friend Code??
    it's 5086-2047-0566. Pokémons: Nosepess, Onix, Ryhorn! I really what your FC's pokemons.
    Where are you from??? I from Brazil (-3)
    Sorry for my English, if I wrote something wrong.
    Hey I just noticed you have a steel friend safari. Would you want a dragon one? 0774-4464-4770
    Hey want to trade friend codes, mines 3995-7281-6222, i've already added you from the spreadsheet
    Hey man. If it's not too much, can you add me? FC: 3411-1639-3947 Thanks!
    Hey, I found you on the Safari SS and I added you. I'd appreciate the add but I'm not 100% sure what's in my Safari but I think it's Fairy. Thanks :) 5343 - 8584 - 8202
    Jay Swizzle
    What's your in-game name? I can check for you.
    Hey, I added you from the safari spreadsheet. You have just the safari I've been lookin for. Add me back if you don't mind FC: 0361-7330-0756 I appreciate it
    I added you to my safari pls return the favor. Brand new to this, thanks for the help. ign Boog 2964-8858-8160
    Hey dude, I'd like to be friends for our safaris. To save you time, mine's Ditto, Audino, Dunsparce. In-game name is Cookies. FC is 1263 6814 3091

    I've already added you. So hook me up dude :D
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