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  • Hi,can you hatch my egg that matches your TSV 3273 for me?
    My FC 3883-5906-1926
    Hi hi, you match me one of my eggs too. Could you hatch it please? You can have any of the unmarked ones:
    My FC is 2723 - 9578 - 4951, Flakes ingame. Added you meanwhile!
    Thanks! I've sent you:
    Ralts (M) - Timid, Trace, 31\20\31\31\31\31
    You wanted that one right?
    His SV is 2158, btw! Good luck if you want him shiny too!
    Thank you, dont rlly want it shiny since its male.... but i figured he should be great for breeding
    hi I have a egg that matches your shiny value I was wondering if you could hatch it for me,i can give you a 4iv eevee for your troubles
    ok did u add my friend code? and whats ur FC?
    my fc is 2809-8032-7989 my ign is jenny sorry for the late reply i havnt added you yet but i will i can trade on monday around 8 pm, again your help would be much appreciated thank you
    Hey, I have an egg with SV 3273. I can give you a 5IV tyrunt for helping me!

    3DS FC: 3110-4710-7198 IGN: Yulissa TSV: 744
    Oh, nvm. I forgot that this one hatches quick unlike carbink. I'll wait until you're done. Trade me when you're ready.
    SV shiny for SV shiny xD First time I've had that. Thanks!
    i know that shit cray
    Hi, need to hatch an egg of SV 3273. will offer 5iv poke in return !
    ok, give me ur FC
    Hi! I have an egg which matches your SV(3273). Could you hatch it for me if you are OK? :)
    FC:4441-9645-6177, SV:3946 and IGN is Illyasviel
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