Jerry the great

Became extremely inactive because of this Fireban, I'll be active again once it goes away
September 15
Like I'd ever tell you where I live
Real Name
It's not Jerry unfortunately :)
Pokemon Showdown! Username
Jerry hillenburg
Entertainment, answering questions
Favorite Pokémon
My Characteristic
Somewhat of a clown


Avatar History:
1st avatar: Meta Knight
2nd avatar: Captain goomba before he was captain during his first encounter with a beanie
3rd avatar: Fawful
4th avatar: Wario with coins
5th avatar: Myself on Poken tournament DX
6th avatar: HONK's team skull grunt raptor (and check out his cool raptor art if you haven't, it's really cool... If it's still alive when reading this)
7th avatar: An image I found on Google I like so much, I made it my avatar! It was something to do with Mario & Pokemon.
8th avatar: First drew on avatar, with small graffiti, big fingers, and bright console. Don't be surprised if it's bad or blurry
9th avatar (Okeydoke I think I have too many avatars I want to equip): Haltman in his gold chair
10th avatar: Me with some stupid daycare lady who makes profit off of stealing souls
11th avatar: 8-bit Mario in today's Mario coloring
Stuff I plan to achive:
700 messages (without spam or being all over the place)
10 followers (I follow you if you follow me, but unfollow you if you unfollow me)
360 reaction scores
For you to help me out with everything

Achieved goals: 150 messages
100 reaction scores
200 reaction scores
330 messages