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  • really anything in that works in 5th gen is good with me. I don't have wifi so unless you can use .pkm files I can't get it to you. :(
    Hey, it's been a really long time! Glad to see you're still around! =)
    hmm i should maybe catch you between 5 to 6 pm?
    also im going to be inactive after tonight so im hoping we can trade
    i was on around the same times as yesterday but i didnt press log out so it probably took a while to register for me to be auto signed out
    didnt think you were coming on stayed on for a bit when you said next 3 hours from your last post so i went offline i hope i didnt miss you by like 5 mins
    you give me times to be on aswell i think your like 17 hours behind me not sure
    between 11 am to 12 pm gmt plus 10
    probably around 3 to 6 pm gmt plus 10 if ill be online on smogon
    been busy this week with college and sport im going to have a 3 week holiday once this week over so should easily find you online :)
    hey is there anyone you trust that i can trade the egg to so they can send it to you thinking of a way we could trade alot faster its up to you though
    Don't worry, I know how it is with school and other real life responsibilities. I am going out tomorrow at 5 to watch the dodger game at a friend's house. I'll check yahoo messenger when I get home to see if you're on.
    well i found my charger but still havnt managed to see you online as it hard during weekdays since i have college and when i get back is probably when you sleep
    damn i think my charger at my dads house my ds just died im hoping it somewhere in my house so we can trade even though i still having trouble of finding you online
    Yea, I finally got to the elite 4 on my copy of white today. I'm gonna finally start trying to do some 5th gen projects. Anyways, I'll go online tomorrow night so we can get started. Did you ever get RNGReporter to work?
    yeah ill update
    properly going to finish it off by saturday or sunday as ill start on any days before those
    it only takes like 40 mins for the abuse

    i just realised i didnt even need the correct nature bagon could of done this project a while ago i guess i forget things when i havnt abused in a long time lol
    since shiny abuse makes getting the correct nature so easy without having the right parent

    i guess this is why i like doing shiny abuse when doing breeding projects lol
    as i dont really have to rely on a good parent if i already got one with a different nature plus shiny looks better on most pokemon anyway
    nope i just did the shiny abuse part and left to continue another time as u said u didnt mind if i didnt rush
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