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  • I was going through the DMP thread, and I have to say that I'm deeply envious of your Magikarp from post #2732. I can't RNG, or clone or do much of anything else that's useful, but I'd be happy to EV train something for you in exchange for a copy of that Karp (or the near-flawless one in #2716). Gyarados is one of my all-time favorite pokemon, starting back when I used to buy a Magikarp outside Mt. Moon and evolve it in time to fight Misty.
    HP Fire is very useful on thos two, are you up for a capture project btw?

    Shiny Timid Cryagonal - IV's for HP Electric 70
    That's ok, the axew is great and the DW mons sound nice too, we can trade the next time you come on, thx.
    Hey, I've been gone for about a week (no internet), anything new going on with you? Breed/catch anything nice lately?
    Thanks, won the first two rounds, lost in the 5th round which would have put me in top 16. I had a great time.
    i can actually provide you with a male toxicroak with Nasty Plot to breed with if you need it, thanks.
    Yes I did it the day after, I can meet you in wifi in 2 minutes, my fc changed since I changed my ds, add the one in my sig.

    This is yours right?
    0518 6859 3813
    I won't add Mat.

    I received all the Nick pokemon from him a long time ago, a lot were rng requests, I was told to add the username of the person I got the pokemon from, so what exactly do I add?

    I've also set up pokecheck on my black and am routinely checking my pokemon on there, so everything listed in my shop will be cleared through there first.

    Also, do I listed pokemon that you have rng'd yourself, Lexie, as fully or semi redis?
    Check the last post in my thread, someone says I should post usernames and threads of origin, but I don't know each one. For those I got from PPN too like from Orgo, Koke, and Nick, none of them have smogon accounts from what I know of either.
    Sounds good. I put in CMT for a tornadus you might like - if/when I get it, it'll be in my thread.
    hey its finally working. i guess when i use netflix.. it fucks with my wifi. you available now? i added your code already.. so if you're open, you can add mine from my "about me"
    im working on it, sometimes the wifi connection will just be non-existent.. although my router, etc is all straight. and by 'sometimes' i mean.. at a random moment every week or so.. no idea why.
    Ehh. My wifi is being shit right now. Just checked it. I'll let you kno when it's good.
    My thread is up! You can check it out in the morning (link in my sig), I will continue adding stuff over time, just needed to get this up now.
    I'm back, I have all the sections ready, have pokemon in each region except unova and DW, which I am working on now.

    What's the Timburr?
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