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  • Oh, My sis is home from college so her and my other sis need the two computers, so I can't come on often
    Hey what's up? I'm gonna get DQed so I really don't care anymore. I heard you played Snorlax? Who won? He's from Union btw. He's in my grade, school, and has one teacher as me.
    I never told you congrats on the win. We met last year at Newark and talked a bit but you did amazing this year! I wish we got to talk this year but hopefully I'll see you next year! Congratulations again!
    Hey man,

    It's Anthony (Guy with the long hair, played you in Newark, talked with you in Philly while waiting all that time, etc. lol)

    Saw you won Philly! Just wanted to say congrats on the win! That's real awesome!
    Its ok man life happens Im updating my thread as of now so yeah look for it because you'll have some credits :D
    oh man I didn't think you were going to do it :| someone already did the job I can give you 2.5 creds for doing it since you did spend time doing it
    Yay! Im glad you are :) ok so this is what I need The pokemon listed here Click
    all I need you to do is Pm me the images of the pokemon in this form just the images okay. here is an example

    you see
    [IMG](OT:Negator-63893) Lv.50(♀)
    Negator's Latias
    Ev's:UT EV's cleared
    Moves:Trick|Draco Meteor|Wish|Dragon Pulse

    you pm me

    and thats it. There should be exactly 100 pokemon in that list.

    use this sprite resource to get the images they also have shiny so when you bump into a shiny send the shiny picture ok thank you. :)
    Back from my holiday, so let me know any time you want to play in the VGC tourney (I'm free from now to the deadline).
    Hey, when are you able to play me in the Smogong VGC tourny? I'm in British Summer TIme zone, GMT +1. I should be submitting my team later today, and then I can play this evening or tomorrow afternoon/night; but then I'm on holiday for a week, so the next time I'm available would be the evening of the twentieth. I'll be free pretty much whenever after that, though.
    By the way thank you for agreeing to battle me. I am trying to experiment on different pokemon teams to see what works and what does not.
    I will be using my soul silver FC. And my second OU team. My primary is not ready yet.
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