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  • 2 BP won't matter a lot I think. And it depends on the pokemon really. What are you breeding?
    No problem, would you be able to clone it holding a Kings rock and send the clone to me so I can have one evolved?
    Try resaving. You'll have to redo frame calibration, but it should fix your problem.
    Nah, screw catching the wild poke to check your frame, just hatch the egg to find your seed/frame. It's probably quicker, and you'll see exactly what frame the egg IS landing on.
    Don't go changing your seed though because that usually won't fix the odd to even problem. I use like 1 seed for 90% of my Egg IVs.
    Well, see, that's the thing, and trust me, I've been right there before (lol). You did the right thing by re-saving, even though you still ended up with Odd. Just do it again, and if necissary, again and again, until you get a good consistent frame that fits your needs. I've had to re-save more than ten times before.

    It's just like a coinflip. Sometimes you get a bunch of tails in a row, but eventually you'll get heads. :D
    Oh, you just gotta re-save to "randomize" your frame. Just start your game, stand there for a few seconds or whatever, DON'T PICK UP THE EGG, and just re-save your game. You'll have to re-calibrate to find out what frame you're hitting after that cuz it will have changed. You may have to repeat that a few times, but eventually you'll land on a consistent even frame. And broooooooooo 84 is HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!
    XD - that's a smart way of doing it, haha. Or an interesting way - I never thought about it, ahaha. Sounds nifty though :)

    Get it ^^
    Oi're not going to be happy hearing this, haha. I made a mistake with my information - so this is for future breeds I suppose (sorries...aside from one BP, I've been catching lately).

    If your target frame is odd and your save frame is even...I told you that you could resave to change your save frame. This is true. Just takes a while since you have to do frame calibration again.
    I told you that you had to find a new spread on Time Finder: this is false. The same one would work. So basically...sorry for wasting your time earlier when you already had a usable spread, XD. Though this way you don't have to calibrate, which I hate doing.
    XD - I'm glad that one worked out for you ^^
    Good luck again, though this time you're solid ^^
    Herm, since both your parents don't have 30s on their SpA, SpD stats, it becomes a bit harder to find a suitable spread without either going to odd years or going for a higher frame. From a quick search from 2009 to 2010, I got this:

    Seed: 130C025D
    Ivs: 31/B/A/30/30/A
    Your frame is a bit high here though: 41 - it's not so bad compared to flipping for certain catches, but *shrugs* it's much higher than what it should be, XD.
    Ah, I see. That might be a reason I guess - but 98 never failed me when I had it, so *shrugs* lol.

    I'm sorry about time finder not working, but aside from initially finding a spread, it wouldn't be a problem elsewhere. Captures would totally work in your favor though, ahaha.
    Bummer :/ I'm sorry to hear strange. Have you tried asking Mingot about it?
    Oh, you most definitely will need a new seed. Either way you'll have to use timefinder, the second option just means you need a new spread with a new save frame.

    The first option was using time finder directly and keeping your save frame and spread but just picking a different date.

    Sorry if I'm being unclear - it's strange why time finder isn't working for you, but it's pretty useful in egg IV abuse.
    Nono, trial and error by adjusting the year = timefinder stuff, lol.

    If you want to avoid time finder, you can do what I first suggested and save again hoping you land on a different save frame before picking up the egg. In your case, you'd want it odd. Just be sure that the three things on the screen aren't moving for a good second when you do ^^
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