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  • It goes from Oakland CA to Phoenix AZ, then to Indy.

    I just met you

    And this is crazy

    So here's my number

    So text me maybe? (707-319-5198)
    Greetings, I am a new Smogonite interested in joining the SSIS. However, I am cautious to take any oath before I know what I am getting into. What is the "Oath"?
    That sucks. Well he will have to catch on fast lol. If its black or purple and ghost-like, dont fake out. And taunt the mushroooms! I just rng'd a flawless tr pupitar. Im so happy. I still cant do eggs yet though haha
    Sounds like he needs a kangaskhan! I think they will let him use a type chart, didnt they let some people last year?
    Haha that quick training session with your dad was hilarious! He caught on really fast too lol
    Would it be too much to ask for the adamant gible also? If not its cool. I had his team set then he made some last minute changes (that got him top 10 in skarmbliss ladder) so he wanted to go with the new changes. Thank you so much, this is two years running where you have helped me get ready for nats lol.
    Ok sweet. Im still in class now but I can do it when I get home. Do you have to be on to approve it or will it just work. I read something about you approving it and re-locking it.
    Maybe I can learn once they dumb it down enough for my level lol. Hey can you do me a huge favor? My roommate that is going with me needs a quiet chandy for Nats and I noticed you have a quiet litwick. Do you mind trading me later?
    Yup, you lost me there, I dont know much about RNG and I havent done it since last summer haha
    That specific team is missing Cress. I have the Zap but its not ev trained yet so I didnt bring it in. I think I like the first one I used against you better, I just need to work on predictions and stuff.
    haha it was decent, chandy should have been modest instead of timid also so those two near kills would have been kills too (i think) haha. I really like your team.
    Im missing two of this team so i kinda just threw on Lucario and Amoongus just for fun lol
    I fully expected a protect from aboma for a free switch in. When I saw the giga drain I was like well crap, there goes the game haha. Good prediction! I am still not sure about if this is the final team. I had traded for 6 pokemon for nats and had my 6 from regional. This team is a combination of the both, so i still have time to mix it up more. Your team is really good, its pretty counter meta.
    Good game, I got unfortunate when I made the bad switch in. Rotom was my main thing that could kill chandy cuz its scarfed
    Im in class right now, Ill be home by 11 though (rough hours, i know). If your still down after that, then lets do it!
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