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  • Yeah Just need to shift them, I have been having Wi-Fi problems so hopefully it connects. I am just trading 6 Pokemon to black so I have some room to shift the stuff over.
    Hey sorry had a few things to do, I just made room on my white so I can pokeshift and I am currently uncapping the Pokemon on gen 4.
    Never seen your edit VM, As long as both Victini have there event moves I am okay with the EV wiping and as long as Sableye and Vanilluxe have their egg moves :)
    Lol I had the same problem a few times, That's why I choose to RNG my own 4th gen Pokemon so I can name them myself :P, I will just send a Munchlax named "Snorlax" so you won't have any problems incase it keeps its capped name :)
    How would you like them named? Uncapped? And for Munchlax did you want it uncapped as Munchlax or Snorlax? I need like an hour since I only have 4 free spaces on my White cart so I can't Pokeshift right now. Need to find a way to make some room :P
    Did you want the ones you wanted on gen 4 or 5? And are you still interested in my careful Munchlax? I missed seeing that DW Sableye on your thread, I do not have one of those guys yet.
    Hi but sorry I cannot trade till tomorrow at the latest, I am out of town right now :(, If your free around this time tomorrow I should be home then :)
    Were you still interested in our pending? I do believe I messaged you awhile ago but got no response, Lemme know if you still up for it thanks!
    oh whoops...did i ask for a 5-for-6 trade? if so, my bad, you don't need to give me the last one lol
    ah, I forgot to clone the hitmonlee - after we trade the first 4 I'm going to exit and re-enter within a minute or so
    I'll get on wifi now then.

    Also, did you want an EV trained version of the Metagross?
    Hey, I was wondering if I could get the timid gengar. I've got quite a few flawless Pokemon, such as jynx, golett, Roggenrola, and piloswine. I just started to RNG, but their flawless nonetheless!
    It will take me a while to get the Tyrogue with Sucker Punch - I have to go back into Emerald and nickname it "Hitmonlee", Pal Park it into SS, evolve it and teach it Sucker Punch, then transfer it into White.
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