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  • if you could tell what you chose it would be easier for me to tell you what to do.
    that's fine. I can't trade right now tough but if you're up to it I can teach you all I know about delays.
    Yeah, I can train them in Gen 4. I just have to get my HG version's FC.

    And I would really like to learn how to 4th gen RNG. The only thing I don't really get is delay and how to find it.
    Is it possible to do it on a 3DS? Because my DS Lite's L button is screwed up and its really hard to soft reset on it.

    EDIT: Oh wait, I forgot. My HG version isn't able to connect with the wifi where I live. Sorry...:(
    I could still train them in 5th gen if you want.
    Could you train them in gen 4 then? Also, if you want I could teach you 4th gen RNG.
    That's way too much. Two it's fine since I'm going to force you to clone them /evil laugh
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