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  • good to hear you're back for a while =) a lot has changed haha
    I can't remember--did you play LC back in the day? If you are interested in LC you should check out the "new" metagame

    also here is a link http://cbe004.chat.mibbit.com/
    under Connect:, go to SynIRC [webirc]
    Nick is the name you're using
    channels are like chat rooms; #littlecup, #pokemon, and #grammar are some good / active channels

    anyway i'm gonna go eat so i'll be back later but i'll be on irc when I get back :P

    man I was just thinking a few days ago "hmm I wish Juice! would come back" and now you're back :o!

    Smogon has been boring lately and there is a ton of IS drama as usual lol. I'm doing pretty well; happy the school year is almost over ^_^

    how's stuff been for you? PS come on irc so we can chat there :o
    Hey! I missed you again :( I haven't seen you in so long though. We should definitely meet up again :)
    Not bad, less homework than last year for sure! I definitely like all my teachers and new friends and stuff, I just don't like how time consuming school is...
    Hope we find some free time :{
    true true but its ridiculous on the Ubers ladder SO....MANY....CHARIZARDS! but the most dumb thing is that i was in a battle he sent out KYOGRE and then sent out CHARIZAARD he said to me that Water Power is going to kill me he then proceeded to hit me with Ember Flamethrower Blast Burn and Fly .-. he D/C when I killed his Charizard with my Kyogre telling me i was a noob and i cheated
    really well, I've been making these last days of summer really count >:]
    wanna? get on irc
    MUAHAHA i heard you went to a rock festival? heh since you left i have been watching too much Naruto Shippuden ! check the two new logs i sent you
    Hello there. Is it alright if I use your warstory format? It looks so nice and pristine
    Around the first day of summer, which was about June 9 for me, my dish washer broke and flooded the house. My room got fucked up, so now I need to redo the floors and stuff.
    Well, my room is being renovated, so there is no way I'm going to be able to stop and use my tablet for a while xD
    Oh and about IRC, I would recommend downloading mIRC for free because of all its features (it's what I've been using for about two years and I love it). If you don't want to download anything, mibbit.com has free irc. The server is synIRC (or if you're using mIRC get settled and type /server irc.synirc.net:6667)
    woah you say EW a lot just read ur entire conversatoon with Charmander which happenes to be very funny also EW is ur signature mine is .-.
    man early work is horrible. actually I've taken an interest in uu once again :D I've been using your team and I like the metagame. ill definitely play you!
    what days do you have off? I feel like we need to sceduale something lol
    but in all seriousness, Mexico was pretty cool. the resort had like 4 enormous pools and a bunch of entertaining stuff. only bad stuff was the heat and native language
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