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  • Hey, I agree that my question was pretty stupid lol, you provide an excellent point: the officials would not release anything about RNG, and all the info we have right now is from the officials! Sorry.. I feel like a total dumbass now! I also feel like a prick for overreacting, I ask that you forgive me :) you've been here since 2007, so I can understand how noobish questions can annoy you, and I bet you've seen a ton!
    "This kind of fudge always increases when a main series game comes out, its beyond annoying >;(" woah, I asked a question based on something I was curious about. It insults me that you would take my question that far. I just learne to RNG a few days ago, and I'm new, so how about taking it easy on me? Thanks.
    "Some of these questions could pretty much be answered if you sat down and thought for a second..."

    Just randomly posting here to say I <3 this.
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