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  • we're playing for the vgc tour, when can you play? my timezone is gmt-6 and for the most part im available after 4pm every day
    Tomorrow 11pm isn't in the schedules I gave you... Because I can't play tomorrow. Nor Sunday. I won't play before Monday

    If you can't play next weekend, we can play a bit early / a bit later.
    Hi !
    When do you want to play for the world cup ? I'm GMT +2.
    I just came back from my vacation so I need a couple of days to be ready. But what about playing next weekend ? I should be free both Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 6pm my time.
    If you need to play after 6pm my time (I don't know your timezone), we could play a weekday until 10~11pm my time, Monday or Tuesday 24/25th of June.
    ok i'm online now nick Wonder fg or i'll be online in 3 hours PO server...What's your nick?(on the server)
    hi, we've to play for the wcop...i'm avaible from 7 am to 8-9 or rarely 10 pm GMT +1 tell me an hour.
    Form 16th to 21st june I'll be on holiday... gl
    Hey, I'm available from 12:00 P.M. - 2 A.M. every day, as I'm on summer vacation. There are exceptions if I'm going out that particular day, but we can get to specifics later.
    Heya, i'm posting on behalf of the benelux wcop team to let you know that vinc2612 is on holiday until the 16th of June, so don't worry if you don't see any activity on his side!
    julius si puedes agregame al skype batboy_303@hotmail.com es para lo de la seleccion mexicana
    julius si puedes agregame al skype batboy_303@hotmail.com es para lo de la seleccion mexicana
    Actually it's 8 hours :q I'm GMT+1. I can be online around 1 or 2am (my time), then you have to be online to 5-6pm. I think it's the best way for each of us to play at a respectable hour, if it's possible for you of course.
    Hey, we are opposed in DPP OU to the fake World Cup (forgot the name of the tournament xd) France vs Mexico. When are you available, I could be online all this week-end so tell me a good time for you to play.
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