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  • Sounds good to me can you trade today? or do you want to wait until next tuesday? ^_^
    please remember to use when nicknaming, capital G and R for the respective words, but without the space: GrimReaper

    If you manage a Careful aswell, please nickname it the same.
    pretty standard / easy.

    Dusknoir (please NN: GrimReaper)
    Impish (if you're feeling awesome you could also do me Careful, but Impish primarily)
    Egg Moves: Pain Split

    Note the Egg will hatch a Duskull, don't evolve it, keep it at Lv. 1
    answer is no. The game rounds at every iteration, and the damage formula on the net is wrong. We're fixing it soon ;)
    Hmm, that's interesting.

    Yeah, this past few weeks, I've pretty much been using this one initial seed I found by chance on Jan 8th. I can abuse it to get 2 Rare Candies each time, with only about 90 seconds between clock resets.

    So it sounds like from what you're saying (haven't tested it myself yet), is to use the frame 6 seed as my Pickup seed if I encounter a Pokemon on frame 1, for example?

    Kaphotics replied on the research thread, saying it has to do with PID frames. But they weren't sure. So I guess I'll have to play around a little more with it.

    Still, it sounds like I couldn't get Rare Candies much faster than I currently am (the Timer0 fluctuation is the only thing slowin it down). So for my purposes, I may not care to look much more into it. But who knows? My curiosity may tempt me again at some point. :)
    Alright I'll be able to message you in 2 hours and know for sure if I'll be back home at that time.
    Okay when do you need these back, I gotta head to school now and I won't be by my DS for the next 4 hours? xD
    Hey, it seems my stock of Tornadus is out right now and I don't have the time to bring it into my game, can we trade another day?
    DW Arceus you say? In that case, I'll accept a credit for the Scyther, and redeem it when you get the Arceus. Sound good?

    And, you said this is for VGC? Will you be wanting a nickname and any tutor moves? I have to shift it to my White version in order to trade.
    Well then, like I said, there's nothing in your shop that interests me at the moment. I'd trade it for a credit, if only I was assured of new stuff coming in soon.
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