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  • Its not official that i don't have work yet; I find out tomorrow morning. If i don't, I'll be on virtually the entire day.
    Hey, sorry about not coming back, but it looks like i might not have work tomorrow, so we'll have plenty of time then.
    On weekdays, i'm available 6-10 pm EST, assuming i work. On the weekends i'm around whenever. I'm busy tonight and tomorrow night, so we could start Sunday if thats okay with you.
    Im still tied up atm (im on my phone) so ill try to get on soon but i dont know when ill be able to
    i can tell you for sure i wont be on until at least 6:30pm est, as i have mentoring work to complete. After that, i'll try to be on as much as i can! Also, do you have irc?
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