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  • Would it be possible to see what is in Steven's house by using the Devon Scopes on it in the demo? People are saying you can supposedly get them within the demo.
    hey man, do you know a program for converting pkm > pkx files?
    PKHeX for single files, pk2pk for mass conversion.
    thanks :]
    I eep getting you confused with electro because of the keldeo avatar lol.

    As someone that's lurked on project pokemon for quite a long time and generally loves your work, there are no words to come out of my mouth that can describe how thankful I am that you used your talent to better the pokemon researching field! ^_^
    Hello I have some questions about rng. I've done my research and have pprng for iOS. I would like to chat with you real Romero figure out what I'm going wrong thank you in advance :)
    Hey Kaphotics i was slightly confused on the initial parameter set up for b/w. when i am finding my standard seed do i use the date and time of which i started the game or the date and time of which i caught the stationary mon i saved in front of? feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm thinking of a word. It may rhyme with "grasscalf", but I'm having trouble remembering exactly what it is. Maybe something like... assratio? Assfraction, perhaps?
    Hello Kaphotics,
    I am interested in RNG Abusing Pokemon XD GoD for sereval Pokemon. I've been viewing your YT video about it and managed to pick up some stuff. I've been reading through the RNG Research topic as well to gain more information but that was a bit to much for me honestly.
    Though I was wondering if it would be possible now to RNG quite a few Pokemon on XD now? And if so, is it possible for someone who hasn't been researching all that information?

    I await you response :)
    May you tell me if in Emerald the acutual frame is in the 0x3005000, like FR/LG?
    Alright, thanks for the reply, but I just had one more question too. I understand that for someone who wanted to get Pokemon XD exclusive moves, there would need to be a lot of flashcarts etc. So what I gathered is this, you obtain the pokemon in a Emulator, and using a flashcart you transfer the save file over to pokemon Emerald, and then you can transfer that on up to gen IV-V. I tried looking on project pokemon for an article, but maybe I just couldn't find one. This is on the right track though, right?
    Is it possible to host your own battle box tournment, like they do at Nintendo Events? And how would we go about doing that? Essentially so we could just host a swiss tourney with our little league we have going on here, thank you in advance
    Hi, I am using the latest version of the RNG reporter (9.96.5 BETA) and every time I search for my parameters I get no results. I am using a 3DS. Pokemon version is black 2. This is my first abuse and I don't know what's wrong. Thanks in advance.
    well that's a bummer because this PID advancement is making no sense, but I will just have to persist then.

    Thanks for the help Kaph :)
    not even if you stay in battle for the same amount of time each time and ensure your pokemon never faints (full restores or just grab Arceus)?

    I'm having trouble with Tornadus at the moment and no matter how long I stay in the rain I get the same PID frame. I stayed in the rain for ~22 seconds and hit frame 874, I tried again with ~20 seconds and hit the same frame. Thundurus is suppose to be harder but the PID advancements were far more consistent with him it seems.
    I had to step out for a bit earlier so I hope you don't mind me asking a few more questions here instead :) I was thinking of RNGing the roamer in gen 5 by using a method similar to HG/SS where you KO them and RNG them before you beat the champ to respawn them. You said the PID frame isn't affected by battles so that shouldn't be an issue there and since the Roamer is the only pokemon being generated encounter slots and the like won't matter either. So then I assume the reason this is such a bad idea is because the IV frame would be the RNG value advancing at 60*n per second? Sorry, I'm not really technical and there is a lot I don't know about the RNG mechanics, so I'm a bit confused is all :p

    So is this a viable idea that would make gen 5 roamer abuse a tad easier by making the PID more manageable by eliminating the weather, or is it a Sisyphean task?
    Okay, thanks for answering my question :) Though, I'm not too happy with the AI in Pokemon. There's been a marked improvement over the generations, but I wish for something along the lines of the chess computer Deep Blue. I'm not too sure about whether a DS can handle any large algorithm like that though.

    Sprite animations look a lot more random after you say that...thanks for telling me.

    Wow, the RNG Research thread is pretty large! I highly appreciate the effort you put into figuring out Pokemon RNG, thanks for everything Kaphotics.
    Thanks Kaphotics! (albeit, it's been a few months :) ) That pretty much clears all my questions about how RNG works. Apart from:

    AI uses mersenne twister to determine a random move, and it's also used to animate sprites.

    You're probably right about this, but I thought the AI chooses the best possible move in a given situation. I'm not a Pokemon researcher, but in my experience, the AI always tries to do damage, unless it's out of PP or a super-effective move, etc. I remember a unique situation in a double battle (HeartGold, Surge's gym) where a Pokemon on the AI's team activated Volt Absorb to restore their own Pokemon's HP. Dunno whether that's an isolated case or something that's coded into the game everywhere.

    It seems kind of odd that the Mersenne Twister is used to animate sprites, since just a loop would be enough. So, (this could be a dumb question) does the sprite animation provide a visual indication of the seed? By looking at sprite animation, can you determine what the AI's going to do next?

    Oh, and about your computer resources problem: NDS roms tend to be less intensive on Desmume for Ubuntu (at least that's what I use). It uses 200MB ram on my machine and 40% of the CPU. Granted, it doesn't have most of the tools the Windows version does, but at least it's efficient.

    (sorry for asking too many questions!)
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