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  • can you do my team of aerodactyl, gyarados, latias, rotom-h, lucario, and heatran? with a trainer based on this one, but with sunglasses? =P
    could you just draw lucario with the trainer?

    please and thank you :3
    What settings do you use on that brush? I have it, but I always have used Illustrator for my lines, but my lines don't come out very 'dynamic'
    SAI is a very simplified lightweight program, compared to photoshop, and it's very focused on drawing. SAI's pen tool is hands down the best thing I've ever used for line work, even vs. traditional ink c:
    For those two I used Paint Tool SAI for 90% of the image, and then post edited in PS a little bit. c: but yeah sai is really awesome for crisp lines.
    Damn dude, you're coloring style is amazing (referring to the cover art submission). Would you mind telling me what settings/tools you use to get that effect?
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