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  • I bet it feels awesome knowing how much time you spent on that Sableye
    now that Sableye is actually usable and without that ability or even a hidden power.
    Saw you posting for a infernape male, dont you have a flawless smeagle? I saw a few redis flawless ones, i only have cosmic Jeffs :(
    Sounds like a challenge ;) but yeah studies aren't too bad for me being all year 10 and all ;/
    Not too bad actually :), although studies have been upped a bit, year 11, not the best time to come back, but I am having fun. I am not breeding much either anymore, just the occasional breed here or there, I am trading at the moment just to get some pokemon for battles. I started uploading battles to youtube as well, battling is what I will be doing now :)
    I have been amazing, I doubt i'll breed again but I can't wait to battle some people. How about you?
    Hey Kenshin, welcome back! I just came back to smogon 3 odd weeks ago after about a years break. How have you been?
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