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  • that was one of the best battle's i've had on smogon. gg man some good predictions kept me in the game your team is really good
    Yeah, i was planning too as well. I was hard countered by every pokemon you had. T-tar,rotom,gross. I was sacking pokes here and there just for a porygon comeback. Dam there goes an epic game. I'm doin a dmg calc on metalkid to check.
    I lagged on my end, i never saw an attack, it just stopped, froze, then blue screen. I wanted just as much as you did to see the outcome. Even if you did survive i had 70 percent health, so there is a chance i could survive and hit back again to win. I would never d/c on possible win or even on a assured loss. I have no track records of d/cing ever. So don't be quick to blacklist
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