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  1. Modern Warfare 3 Thread (and I guess BlOps too? Does anyone still play that game?)

    Shotgun as secondaries = smart. Pistols as the only secondaries in a fast-paced game like the Modern Warfare series make your secondary weapon mostly obsolete compared to your primary weapon. That doesn't promote a tactical game based on gun skill, it promotes laziness. I can rush all day...
  2. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Nice work. I take it you reside in Texas? If I were you I would try stating just mechanical engineering as my interest. Several colleges have told me that its easier to switch from engineering to science than the other way around. It makes sense since you'll be taking a couple semesters of...
  3. Tasse du Wyoming autour de 2!

    I played Phiddlesticks and won 2-0 after some technical difficulties. GG Phiddlesticks.
  4. Bury the Hatchet [OU]

    Bump. I would like some more opinions.
  5. What is the best kind of team?

    Both stall and heavy offense answer these questions. Stall deals with opposing walls through residual damage + poison damage, and with offense by utilizing heavy defenses to wait until the forms of residual damage destroy it. Also, they use phazing to avoid offense from setting up as much as...
  6. Bury the Hatchet [OU]

    @ kd24: Defensive Starmie is nice, and I will use it if I happen to start off with Metagross. The main problem I have with that though is how it loses to a lot of other leads without Occa Berry, and losing Leftovers diminishes its effectiveness mid-game. Without running the standard lead set...
  7. Bury the Hatchet [OU]

    Hey guys, it's time for another team and my first RMT in over a year. It was originally envisioned as a bulky offense team. However, it was based off of the idea that a combination of ultra-bulky Pokemon who don't need recovery are capable of successfully tanking most of the metagame. In this...
  8. Anyone related to a celebrity?

    My best friend was in the 2006 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. It's not for anything significant though.
  9. New OU List (July 2009)

    Yes. By the time you realize that he's not the common noob, it's usually too late unless you carry several priority users. I'm wondering what happens to the other Rotom forms. Do they get to stay in OU even though their usage would make them UU (at least in May)?
  10. The Wyoming Tournament Round 1! (So I lied)

    Confirming loss. GG.
  11. A Few Things to Consider when Planning to Maximize HP on a Select Group of Pokemon

    If 252 Hp Scizor switches into SR once, it has the exact same Hp as 248 HP Scizor. After that, the 248 HP Scizor has more health on switch-ins. Attacks do a set amount of damage based on your defense stats. Hp doesn't make attacks do less damage, but it correlates to a lesser percentage...
  12. Pinch me I'm dreaming! Is it... The Wyoming Tournament?! WHY YES IT IS!

    in for the barbecued chicken dinner
  13. Rate my first team

    First of all, welcome to Smogon! About your team: Heatran is a decent lead, but should be using Shuca Berry and Naive / Hasty if you want it to lead. This would allow you to set up Stealth Rock at the beginning of the match against most Pokemon. It also allows you to take an Earthquake from...
  14. DPP OU Team Rose Tyler - a team at its end

    This is a great team. The execution of the strategy here is spot-on. There are some changes to be made. First, changing Heatran to a defensive Latias would help your situation immensely. Latias deals with your Infernape weakness quite well, only fearing U-Turn. It does decently as a...
  15. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 18 (READ THE OP)

    If you're talking about OU, then Scizor has been popular for a while now ever since it got Bullet Punch and Superpower to some extent. CB Bullet Punch has the potential to kill weakened Salamence (at 65%), CB Tyranitar (at 75%), and Mamoswine (from full health), among others. It makes a decent...