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  • max speed calm i didnt know if ur crow was faster n didnt feel like checking
    thats what i was thinking i thought tbolt was coming i knew u could have heat wave i didnt think u would use it but yea it was ape n good shit for the hp ground i never saw that
    gg man i thought i was done after i thought ur nidoking was special in the begining
    yeah I was fine with the crit, It just hurt to get a miss right after. okay I won't sub (never said that before :P)
    yeah I felt the same when my metgross got crited then missed >.< Yeah if you subscribe then I will do the same, definite thanks for promoting my channel as I don't have many subscribers
    sure I'll battle after you finish your battle, I didn't see the post because I was playing through platinum, so many galactic goons lol
    I didnt know you were in a rush to do them. The reason is because its midnight here and im not going to stay up late lol. Sorry then.
    Okay then, How long are you going to be on for? Cause I can pick them up in like 45 minutes im just heading out to buy a new Xbox live membership.
    Hmm I guess I can, My labtop battery is crap so I can RNG anything, What do you need? I can give them movesets Action Replay broke so I can't clone shards and do any RNGing till I get an new AR and Labtop battery lol, Stuck using my phone.
    Did you have credits? I don't really remember since I went inactive before you left. All I know is that I EV trained for you and you didn't charge me credits for those BPs.
    Ok. So flygon would have outsped my scarfed togekiss. I was surprised crobat took less than half from cloyster, who is adamant and max attack i believe.
    The Flygon was scarfed. I did have one with a firemove but I replaced it for the one I used in this battle. For the Crobat iirc I gave it max attack and split the rest of the ev's in hp and speed.
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