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  • yeah i'm on, i dont know how to use the smogon chat... i have yahoo messenger though


    also, did you get disconnected on wi fi a while ago? i saw you in the plaza but i couldnt interact with you lol
    hey, sorry. i was really tired last night ;________;

    if you still need help, i should be around tonight again.
    and add this code. all the ones in SS are cured or something.
    i think actually they changed the icon to always be the smily face, but i'm very confused.

    anyway, i'm going to trade from my platinum something i know has pkrs
    Great! Thanks alot!
    Anything you can do is fine, after all, I'm not really giving anything in return.
    Although I am open to art requests...
    Hey Kisaut. N.A. is having an intramural OU tournament under the works. Interested in competing? Sign-ups are in the thread I made.
    Banners are nice, but say you make banners with your Trade shop. And try Smeargles Studio, the forum. Hang on I'll give you the link =)
    Exactly. I've had people get pokemon then disappear forever =/. It's not a fun felling. Post in some topics, ask questions. Don't be afraid. Most smogonites won't resent you for it.
    Sure. Btw, just so I know I'm sure you're going to stay. I won't trade you these until you get 50 posts. Sound Fair? =P I have to make sure you're here to stay sorry. (Somebody else gave me this idea)
    Yeah, I've been getting good trades with them. But remember you have to breed your own pokemon, too. =). GL and let me know when you want them.
    still...don't really care, if you can clone him, I'll give it to you...
    I don't want anything.
    I'm trying to help new people out, so they're more comfortable here. If you need help getting started here, look at my trade thread (in my sig). You can have 4 pokes from there for free =). Since they are all redistributable, you can trade them on your own trade thread (when you start one) Anyways, welcome to smogon =D
    obviously female.

    XD like it?
    I'll be giving it to you almost for free....just want to know what you offered in the thread xD

    and you can not redistribute him.
    hey, about snorunt:
    It have spikes(extra)
    it is not NN, but he is already NN *Symbol*Cyrce*Same symbol*
    I got him from Mercury, if you want him NN so bad, you got to talk to her. Still, if you need it NN, she will surely be nice and won't ask much.
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