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  • sry I legit had to go and didn't even see this message lol. Would today 8-9pm be ok? Otherwise I can do p much all day saturday
    I'm normally on irc around 4pm till 8pm gmt, and I don't have a proper schedule so I'm not too sure exactly when I'll be around. Therefore the best time would be when I'm on irc.
    Oh you are right I miscalculated the time difference. Yeah I can play on Saturday that is ok.
    lol did you like not read my last VM? i told you i couldnt make it before now (literally the time i'm posting this VM) so wtf?

    can you make it 24 HOURS FROM THIS VM?
    Tomorrow doesn't look good but I will try to be online. What times can you be here on Thursday?
    Unfortunately no. I work both of those days and I don't get out until 8 PM my time. I'm off today and then not again until Saturday, so well either have to play after midnight your time or get it done today before 10 PM your time.

    We can also play around 2 PM your time tomorrow or Thursday.
    Hey we're opponents for the RU mini-tournament. I'm GMT -4 and usually on between 1-3 PM or 8-11 PM (though I'm really busy this week). What times are you usually available?
    shit, i'm sorry dude but i have to go, i'll be back at around 3/4 pm my time, sorry about this
    uh hey dude you havent vm'd me and i havent seen you on, we need to get this done lol, will you be on at 2 PM GMT -5?
    hey bud, looks like we're playing for Rarelyused Mini Tour R2, when do you want to play?
    Hi man,i am the one that made the mixed Dialga anlyses.I tested your set(with enough evs to ohko even bold Chansey though)and you were right.It is better!
    I will put your spread as the main set if my analyses gets unlocked because great sage locked it...
    We gotta fight for the RU tour. I'm GMT +0, and I'll have most afternoon to make the battle. Fortunately most of the time I have classes in the morning. ;P
    GTM -4 i think and ignore the post in the RU thread I thought you werent gonna come on. Can we do the battle now?
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